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3 Myths About Preppers

All preppers can’t wait for doomsday… right? 


In this article, I will debunk this and other popular myths about preppers

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All Preppers are Conspiracy Theorists

Flat earth, lizard people, the government caused 9-11 on purpose, the moon landing was fake…

You may believe in some, all, or none of these things. 

And you may or may not be a prepper. 

The truth is, not all preppers believe in conspiracies, and there are many non-preppers that do. 

Prepper’s Look Forward to Doomsday

I’ve been on prepping forums and Facebook groups where doomsday preppers claim they can’t wait for the end of the world. 

But they are a minority. 

Most preppers agree that massive death and destruction would be terrible. 

I bet even those that say they are looking forward to it will change their mind if it actually happens.  

There are one or two that give everyone else a terrible name because they are the loudest, but not every prepper looks forward to the end of the world. 

Most preppers, I believe, dread it.

Preppers are Lone Wolves

A lot of preppers aren’t particularly sociable, which is understandable given that many of them want to live off-grid – but it doesn’t mean they’re lone wolves.

There is in fact a MASSIVE prepper community.

Most preppers agree that survival is easier in a community setting, rather than trying to do it all alone.  

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I’ll admit, there are a good number of eccentric preppers, and even a few out-right loonies, but you get these people in general society also. 

There are many misconceptions surrounding the prepping community, which is unfortunate because that stigma may stop people from actually prepping. 

Don’t let it stop you.

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Happy Prepping!

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