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How to Make a Gill Net

In this article you will learn how to make a gill net and how to use a gill net.

A gill net is time and resource intensive to construct but is very effective to catch marine life (or birds) in a survival situation.

How to Make a Gill Net

Tie a suspension line between 2 trees for you to work off. 

Get many lengths of cord and tie them to the suspension line using cow hitches. Space them about 10cm apart.

Tie the separate lines together using overhand knots. Space them about 10cm apart. 

You can tie another line between the trees as a guideline. Use the guideline to ensure you tie the joining overhand knots at the same height. 

Here’s a gill net diagram.

How to construct a gill net for survival
Tie a suspension line between two trees for you to work off.

Once finished you can attach gill net floats at the top and weights at the bottom. This will keep the net vertical in the water. 

How to Use a Gill Net

Stretch the gill net across a river. It is most effective in still water, such as a lake. Near the inlet and outlet are good locations. So is in the backwater of a large stream. 

How to set a gill net
The gill net will catch everything so do not deploy it for long.

To use a gill net at sea, pass it under the keel from end to end. It will catch whatever comes to the shelter created by your raft.

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How to Make a Gill Net Conclusion

A gill net is a great way to catch food in a survival situation. If you have the resources, it is a good use of time.

I don’t encourage using gill nets in non-survival situations. Since they don’t discriminate, you will end up catching many things other than fish. It’s not good.

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