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Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial

This underbar parkour tutorial focuses on the straight underbar. 

The straight underbar is a basic parkour move all tracers should master. It allows you to pass under and/or between bars or other obstacles, e.g., under a ledge.

When first learning the straight underbar you want to progress very slow. If you go too fast too soon your chances of injury are high.

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial

Find an obstacle with a good-sized gap to pass through. Going from low to high will be easier than going from high to low. It will give you more control with your feet on the other side. 

When doing the underbar your feet lead the body. Your hands grab the obstacle to help control your body as you go through. 

Stand next to the bar and stick one leg through, and then the other. 

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 1
Going from low to high is easier than going from high to low.

Slowly work your body through. Become familiar with the distance between your body parts and the obstacle as you go through. 

Give extra attention to your back and head as they are most likely to hit. Be very careful you do not hit your head. 

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 2
Be careful not to hit your head.

Once you are comfortable, you can get faster and faster. Also try to get straighter with your body as opposed to side on. 

Lead with your feet and lean back a little. Reach forward to grab the bar with your hands and pull yourself through. 

Lay back as you pull so your upper torso and head can pass through. Direct your legs upwards.

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 3
Once you are comfortable, you can get faster.

You can swing your legs to the side a bit to avoid hitting your knees or shins. 

Next, try different variations. Practice high to low, low to high, smaller gaps, more speed, coming from the side, gap jump to underbar, etc.

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 4
Try different variations.

When you’re doing gap jumps to underbars aim with your feet like the way you would with a precision jump. Aim them through the gap so the rest of your body will follow the same path.

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 5
Aim your feet through the gap and your body will follow.

Don’t lean back too much and as soon as you grab the bar control the rest of your body through.

Straight Underbar Parkour Tutorial 6
Don’t lean back too much.

Note: When you are going under something the underbar is unnecessary. Instead, use your hand on the obstacle above you as a guide so you don’t hit your head.

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Parkour Underbar Tutorial Conclusion

Few parkour moves are as essential to learn as the the straight underbar.

If escaping an enemy the straight underbar is often the only basic parkour technique than can get you past an obstacle. 

Unlike vaults where you may have choices, unless you want to be “showy”, there is only one underbar.

Learn it well, but don’t push yourself too hard. Getting a face full of rail will not be fun.

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