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How to Be Invisible to Security Cameras

CCTV is everywhere these days… 

They’re great for public safety (arguably) but a nightmare if you are trying to not be tracked. 

So for those of you that prefer to stay out of the view of big brother, here are some ways to avoid detection by surveillance cameras.

Avoiding Security Cameras Vlog

Right Time and Place

One very basic way to avoid being caught by security cameras is to comply and avoid them. 

Just keep an eye out for where they’ve been installed and don’t go there. Find an alternative route without cameras. It might take a little longer but it will be worth it if you truly don’t want to be seen. 

If you can’t ‘go around’ the camera, you may be able to bypass it by ‘hugging the wall’ it is on or going behind it. If it is a moving camera, you can watch it and time your movement so you run past when it is looking at something else. 

In terms of timing, it is preferable to escape at night. This is a standard evasive technique whether you’re worried about cameras or not. Move at night to avoid being seen during the day.

Even if the security camera has the infrared capability, it may not be good enough to detect your face, and if it is a low-end security camera, it may not see you at all. 

Cover Up

To ‘Cover-Up,’ means to disguise yourself.

When walking by a security camera, wearing a hat, hoodie, and sunglasses while keeping your head low can help to hide your face and gives you a good chance to escape it from capturing your true face.

Another way is to significantly change your appearance by wearing a fake mustache or nose, which will make facial identification hard.

You can try these methods with your phone if you want to see if they work with facial recognition.


The last option is to use gadgets, although this depends on the situation because they may trigger an alarm or similar security tech.

While many of these anti-security items might be illegal, they may be useful when you are on the run.

A red laser can be used to point directly at the camera which will ‘blind’ it. Unfortunately, you need to be quite precise to do this.  

Using camera jammers is also challenging, especially if you don’t know the information about the camera. 

Cutting the power is another option but is not guaranteed to work as many have battery backups. 

Lastly, you can go back to basics to cover the camera. Paint it, put some shaving cream, etc. Just ensure to wear a mask or something so you won’t be recognizable while you are blocking the front of the camera.

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Just a friendly reminder in case any people misinterpret it. These ways are provided to help people in escaping, not to commit criminal activities.

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