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How to Apply Verbal Self-Defense

Everyone knows that the best approach to defend yourself is to avoid physical conflict and talk your way out of it.

But how exactly do you use verbal self-defense to protect yourself in an aggressive situation?

Continue reading to find out how and get some advice on how to do it effectively.

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Body Language

The way a person holds him or herself can communicate much more than words if you know what to look for, and this is extremely useful in self-defense

By understanding body language, we can get a pre-warning of when people get irritated, upset, or angry, which means we can prepare mentally and physically prepare for a possible attack

Passive or Aggressive?

This is closely connected to body language but instead of reading your opponent, it is about how you should carry yourself so as not to incite aggressiveness. 

Each situation is different and you will need to use your best judgment. Sometimes being highly aggressive will make your opponent back down, and sometimes you will need to be the one to back down.

A lot of the time, or if you are unsure, it is good to be somewhere in the middle, not too aggressive but not super passive either. 

Knowing how to read other people and their body language will help you decide on the best approach to use in specific situations.

Hostile Negotiation

A big part of verbal self-defense is the ability to use hostile negotiation techniques. 

This is a massive subject including things such as eliciting information, active listening skills, bargaining techniques, and more. 

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Knowing how to read people’s actions and emotions can help you identify the best way to respond to each situation.

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Safe training!

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