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My Top 3 Hot Weather Survival Tips

Would you know what to do if you had to survive in extreme hot weather? 

If not then keep reading, because in this article you will earn my top 3 hot weather survival tips.

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Work When It’s Cool

In any survival situation, you need to preserve and use your energy wisely.

In extreme heat, you also need to consider conserving the water in your body. One way to do this is to only work when it’s cool so you avoid excessive sweating. The best times are often between dusk and dawn, which also happens to be the best times to hunt.

In the desert, although it is extremely hot during the day, it can get quite cool at night. Working during this time not only allows you to avoid the heat, but you can use the movement to keep you warm during the night. 

As a bonus, if you are trying to walk to safety, the stars can be great navigation tools.

Drink Small Amounts Often 

Everyone knows you have to keep hydrated, but gulping down water is a bad idea. It is far better to drink small amounts more frequently.

Drinking lots of water at once can lead to ​​hyponatremia, also known as “water intoxication” which can lead to further exhaustion. This can cause stomach pains, headaches, and other issues you definitely don’t want in a survival situation.

Also, try not to drink anything too hot or too cold. Not that you will have much choice in the desert, but if you do, go for room temperature water. That way your body won’t have to use up energy to cool or heat it up to your normal body temperature. 

Keep Covered

Usually when people are hot, they want to take off more clothes, but in a survival situation it is better to keep them on. 

Keeping covered will save you from sunburn and also keeps the moisture in. You don’t have to wear lots of layers, just don’t go bare skinned.

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As always, prevention is the best cure.

If you know you will be heading into a hot environment, remember to bring plenty of water and anything else you need. 

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Safe training!

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