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3 Fun Parkour Games

Want to mix up your parkour training a bit? 

In this article,, you will learn some fun parkour games that you can play with your training partners, friends, and even your family! 

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Quadrupedal Tag

Everyone knows the classic game of tag, and it is easy to incorporate parkour into it. 

It is exactly the same but instead of running, you use quadrupedal movements such as catwalks, ground kongs, and others.

These exercises are great for parkour conditioning too.


This is a well-known basketball game in which a player performs a shot and if he or she gets it in, all the other players must do the same. Whoever fails receives the first letter of HORSE (H). 

If you get all five letters, you are out of the game.

To adapt this to parkour, instead of basketball shots you try to imitate various parkour techniques. You can use whatever word you wish, such as PARKOUR.

Incorporating parkour into this game is great because it allows you to put your skills to the test and egg each other on. Just make sure you don’t do anything too risky or beyond your skill level or you could get injured.

Lava Pit

The final game is a childhood classic known as lava pit.

In this activity, you pretend that the ground or a certain area is lava that you are not allowed to step on or touch. 

You can mix in some parkour training here because you’ll be running, jumping around, and engaging your whole body to avoid touching anything.

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As you probably noticed, all these games are childhood classics with basic adaptations. 

There are many games that you can easily adapt to parkour because you basically do the exact same thing but use parkour techniques. 

And if you need ideas for techniques to use while playing these games, check out the ‘Essential Parkour Training’ manual. 

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