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Essentials for Survival

What things do you consider to be ‘essential’ for survival?

Actually, this is a bit of a loaded question, since the essentials of survival can be interpreted in a few different ways.

In this article, I’ve decided to take a holistic approach as opposed to identifying three specific areas of survival.

Survival Essentials Vlog

The Will to Live

The will to live is the most important aspect of survival because without it, even if you’re not in a survival situation, you’ll die.

So how do you summon the will to live?

One way is to think about the important things in your life, such as their family, their profession, or anything they are passionate about. 

Another important factor in maintaining the will to live is faith, whether it be faith in themselves or confidence in a greater power, such as religion.


Knowledge refers to having learned what’s needed in order to survive.

You can have all the useful survival items, but you won’t get very far if you don’t know how to use them.

With knowledge, even if you don’t have any tools, you can survive and thrive.


Reading about how to survive is great. You are gaining knowledge. But unless you go out there and practice, you will never actually gain the skills.

So read and watch videos about survival, but don’t stop there. You must go out and practice what you learn, because you don’t want to be trying it for the first time when it’s a life or death. 

Teach yourself evasive survival,
because surviving in the wild is harder when your enemy is chasing you!

Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques Cover


There are many things that can be essential for survival. 

Essential skills, essential tools, essential priotiries (fire, water, shelter, etc). 

I’m not sure where the ones I have mentioned in this article fit it, but they are definatly essential. 

If you want to learn more about wilderness survival, check out: https://www.survivalfitnessplan.com/evasive-wilderness-survival-techniques

Safe training! 

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