Daily Health and Fitness: Perfect Health in Under 45 Minutes a Day

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You Don’t Need Hours in the Gym to Get Healthy!

Daily Health and Fitness is an easy daily routine to improve and maintain your health.

It combines simple nutrition with a 10-minute workout. Round it off with yoga stretching and meditation for optimal health.

Look and feel your best in under 45 minutes a day, because this daily routine is all you need!


An Easy to Follow Fitness Program

  • Lose weight.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Increase functional strength.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel more energized.
  • Release endorphins and be happier.
  • Lower stress and anxiety.
  • Improve your memory.

… and more!

A Daily Health Booster Anyone Can Follow

  • Easy to follow nutritional guidelines.
  • The amazing Survival Fitness Plan Super Burpee. A warm-up, light stretch, and full body muscle conditioning workout all in one.
  • A 15-minute yoga routine to stretch and strengthen your body.
  • The easy and very effective method of meditation known as yoga nidra.
  • How to increase life force (prana, qi, elan vital, etc.) in your body with simple breathing exercises.
  • Written in simple language and accompanied with easy to follow pictures.

Includes 4 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Daily Health and Fitness today and you will also receive:

  • The Daily Health and Fitness cheat sheet. Print it out and it to your wall.
  • 5 easy mindfulness meditations.
  • A basic first aid guide so you can save lives in critical situations.
  • The 16 principles of self-defense. Fundamental lessons to protect yourself from violent attacks.

You’ll love this approach to fitness, because it is simple and effective.


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Daily Health and Fitness
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by continuityerror on Daily Health and Fitness
Overly Bold, Let's Say

I’m not a medical expert, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking to the veracity of the information contained here. Everyone can benefit from exercise, and eating a balanced diet. Should I recommend intermittent fasting, though? Do we truly understand the benefits of yoga? The book assumes these are the answers, but there’s scant evidence contained within to back it up. As a starting place, it can be helpful, but time will tell if this is truly the guide you need.

by Joseph Willson on Daily Health and Fitness
I don't drink tea either...

Perfect health in 60 minutes.
A rather bold statement. I found this to be more about yoga poses and meditation and breathing than anything the title claims it to be. More so common knowledge to me when it came to nutrition, but I am a Journeyman Chef, so that's a bit unfair, yet stating the colour of ones food is important to ones health and nutrition? Bit of a stretch. Sure there are benefits to being a vegetarian, I believe just as many to being a carnivore...again, just my opinion.
Not my cup of tea,
But hey, I don't drink tea either...

by Cathleen Townsend on Daily Health and Fitness
Mostly exercise, with tips on nutrition and fasting

Daily Health and Fitness by Sam Fury is a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to health. The book is mostly an exercise regimen, with detailed line drawings and excellent descriptions of all the individual exercises, many of which are from a yoga background. The author also includes some tips about nutrition and sensible fasting, so a reader could use this volume to develop their own personal health improvement regimen.

by William chen on Daily Health and Fitness
Inspired me tremendously

This book has improved my life in many ways. I now live life happily and whenever I feel down, I go to my favorite page and reread it to reinspire myself. I feel much happier and healthier thanks to this book.

by Eli Romero on Daily Health and Fitness
Great advise and recommendations for better health.

I feel as if this book has helped me improve upon so many aspects of my life.
This contains so many good recommendations on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
I will for sure be loaning this book to my friends because I feel as if they can also benefit from this book and its content.

After following many of the recommendations for about a month, I feel like I wake up happier and less groggy than I used to.
I'm very excited to keep following the advise the book has and to keep continuing my journey to a better and healthier lifestyle for myself.

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