Complete Vortex Control Self Defense

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Complete Vortex Control Self Defense Cover 500px, Survival Fitness Plan

USD 19.99

Epub, PDF, and Mobi
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Your 3-in-1 Self Defense Training Manual!

Discover an effective and easy to learn method of self defense.

Complete Vortex Control Self Defense combines the best techniques from a wide range of martial arts to create the ultimate street-effective fighting method.

This self defense system will teach you hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, and stick fighting.

Discover the skills you need to defend yourself, because traditional martial arts don’t work on the streets!


Combines the Most Effective Martial Arts

  • GM Lawrence Lee’s Tong Kune Do Kung Fu
  • Wing Chun
  • Balintawak Arnis Kali Escrima
  • Panatukan knife fighting techniques

…and many others!

Once you know the basics, almost anyone can apply Vortex Control Self Defense. Dexterity, strength, age, or fitness level is not an issue.

Volume 1: Hand to Hand Combat

  • Learn the science of modern self defense
  • How to use power angles for an unbreakable defense
  • A simple yet devastating fighting strategy following military principles of warfare
  • The concept of weaponizing to get the most damage out of all your movements
  • Harnessing gravitational forces to maximize power in all your strikes
  • Using body mechanics and physics for striking speed and to maximize damage to your opponent

Volume 2: Practical Escrima Knife Defense

  • 40+ knife disarming techniques!
  • Knife training flow drills so you will be able to apply the techniques instinctively
  • Disarm, induce pain, break his limb, and/or make him stab himself!
  • Learn the best way to attack when you are the one with the knife
  • Techniques for all angles of attack

Volume 3: Practical Arnis Stick Fighting

  • The single best strike which will end 99% of street-based confrontations!
  • Drills covering all angles of attack and all the different types of strikes
  • Proper stance and movement to get the most power
  • Little known but very effective snatch techniques to take your opponent’s weapon
  • Drills to ingrain the movements into your muscle memory and make them instinctive

Complete Vortex Control Self Defense includes all 3 of the above training manuals.

Includes 4 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Complete Vortex Control Self Defense today and you will also receive:

  • A never-ending Vortex Control Self Defense training schedule.
  • Your “go-to” disaster response action plan.
  • Special Report: How to run up walls.
  • A 15-minute yoga stretch routine for increased flexibility, strength, and balance.

This publication has the approval of Peter Sunbye, creator of Vortex Control Self Defense.

Learn to protect yourself with this all-in-one training manual, because Vortex Control Self Defense is easy to learn and devastating to apply!


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Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Robinette Waterson on Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
Well written, well illustrated, well organized

These three training manuals (covering hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, and stick fighting) are well written, effectively illustrated, and organized in a manner that makes learning easier. At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to visualize the movements, but the text, backed up by simple yet accurate drawings, was clear and succinct. Not only were movements explained, but also the underlying strategies for fighting with these techniques and which moves are strongest for countering an opponent’s attack. I was surprised at how easy it was to follow the step by step instructions. And I have to mention that I was particularly amused by the anime style faces of the figures in the first segment.

I recommend this book for its simple, but efficient manner of describing self-defense techniques.

by D. W. Peach on Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
Illustrations are excellent

This bundle of 3 self-defense training manuals is well-organized and easy to follow even for novices like me. There are excellent illustrations for every move that are key to understanding and practicing the techniques. And there is little point in reading the manuals unless one intends to practice.

Each manual starts with a definition of terms and basic moves. One move builds upon the last and eventually transitions into drills that combine them into sequences. Having a willing practice partner seems essential to learning, and I would highly recommend a print version of the manuals/bundle over a digital one.

The hand to hand combat manual covers stance, kicks, entries, and locks before moving into drills. The knife defense section is scary and covers strategies for disarming including inflicting pain, breaking limbs, and turning the attacker’s knife on himself (yikes). And the stick-fighting section addresses grips, stance, strikes, parries, and disarming snatches. Techniques are both defensive and offensive.

The techniques don’t seem to require a large body size, weight, or strength, and many of the illustrations include women. The author notes that often an initial willingness to confront an attacker is enough to change their mind. This was highly encouraging information.

I’m not knowledgeable about self-defense, and therefore any recommendation would be guesswork. However, if I had the time to practice with a partner, this book appears to be an excellent tool, even for a beginner.

by Kathleen Rowland on Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
This is a practical guide to learning about self-defense

What a great introduction to self-defense.
Author Sam Fury explains flow of movement for every principal, and the illustrations add to the clarity. Principals are presented in alphabetical order for practical look ups when I went back to examine intricate moves. The author explains the advantages of using Newton’s first law of motion—an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed in the same direction until acted upon. There is always a counter. For instance, “always crowd your opponent. Get in his space and claim it. Constantly push your opponent back and do not let up.”
I liked reading about ways to take advantage of movements by redirecting it.

Vortex, the motion of water going down a sinkhole, is a way to break through an opponent’s defense. In other words, use a vortex motion to move under or around your opponent’s hand direction to free yourself. In most cases, Sam Fury advices, “you will want to vortex towards your opponent’s spine.” These moves take planning. Other moves are described as a waterfall. The free-fall of water utilizes grounding and vortex. Fury suggests blocking in a way that hurts your opponent.
From reading his self defense book, I learned about Yin (soft) and Yang (hard). Sometimes slow movements of Yin allow you to observe before going to Yang.
Sam Fury’s book is divided into parts. The first is hand to hand combat where every imaginable grip has a solution. Part Two is a bit frightening with knife defense, but there are ways to outmaneuver an attacker with block/grab techniques or the use of a chip to the upper forearm where there is a cluster of nerves. Many attacks are illustrated with self-defense tactics such as self-kill explained and illustrated. Part Three covers stick fighting, and this section discusses stance, stepping, and striking. There is a method of returning to and controlling the center.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the vast number of fighting positions to master. The author, Sam Fury, has mastered martial arts and explains it in simple, understandable language. Sam is a survivalist with years of training as a traveler and minimalist. Special thanks to Sam Fury for sharing his knowledge to the general public.

by Anonymous on Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
The step-by-step guide and pictures are a great help

This book is very helpful if you know martial arts and have not practiced in a long time, like me. It helps to practice with a sparring partner if you don’t have time to go any training facilities.
The step-by-step guide and pictures are a great help to anyone who needs a memory jog or perhaps is new to martial arts.
Nothing will compare to actually taking lessons, but this is certainly a good aide to help you on your way.
Will it help if you are caught up in a street fight, I don’t know. But it certainly wouldn’t make it any worse.

by Anna Erishkigal on Complete Vortex Control Self Defense
Love the step-by-step pictures

After taking a weekend long course with a Kali escrima grand-master and then being unable to remember all the intricate moves, this book is a helpful supplement to jog your memory so you can go home and practice with your sparring partner. Now if you want to learn Kali escrima or knife-fighting, you're not going to learn it from a book. You need to attend a class, learn the moves, and then practice it over months and years. But if you're like me, the kind of student who learns through hard work and repetition, this book will jog your memory so that pricey martial arts seminar you just took will 'stick' . (Note: I'm a black belt in USA Urban Goju, not Kali).

PROS: the step-by-step pictures break down each, tiny move so you can learn it properly. The pictures are clear so you can figure out what you are doing. It has most of the major moves, as well as some of the less-known maneuvers.

CONS: you're not going to learn stick or knife fighting from a book. Find a dojo, take some classes, earn some belts, and have fun whacking and stabbing your friends. The book is meant to be a supplement, not a replacement for learning how to fight.

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