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Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense


Your 3-in-1 Self-Defense Training Manual!

Discover an effective and easy to learn method of self-defense.

Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense combines the best techniques from a wide range of martial arts to create the ultimate street-effective fighting method.

This self-defense system will teach you hand-to-hand combat, knife defense, and stick fighting.

Discover the skills you need to defend yourself, because traditional martial arts don’t work on the streets!

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Combines the Most Effective Martial Arts

  • GM Lawrence Lee’s Tong Kune Do Kung Fu
  • Wing Chun
  • Balintawak Arnis Kali Escrima
  • Panatukan knife fighting techniques

…and many others!

Once you know the basics, almost anyone can apply Vortex Control Self-Defense. Dexterity, strength, age, or fitness level is not an issue.

Volume One: Hand to Hand Combat

  • Learn the science of modern self-defense
  • How to use power angles for an unbreakable defense
  • A simple yet devastating fighting strategy following military principles of warfare
  • The concept of weaponizing to get the most damage out of all your movements
  • Harnessing gravitational forces to maximize power in all your strikes
  • Using body mechanics and physics for striking speed and to maximize damage to your opponent

Volume Two: Practical Escrima Knife Defense

  • 40+ knife disarming techniques!
  • Knife training flow drills so you will be able to apply the techniques instinctively
  • Disarm, induce pain, break his limb, and/or make him stab himself!
  • Learn the best way to attack when you are the one with the knife
  • Techniques for all angles of attack

Volume Three: Practical Arnis Stick Fighting

  • The single best strike which will end 99% of street-based confrontations!
  • Drills covering all angles of attack and all the different types of strikes
  • Proper stance and movement to get the most power
  • Little known but very effective snatch techniques to take your opponent’s weapon
  • Drills to ingrain the movements into your muscle memory and make them instinctive

Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense includes all three of the above training manuals.

Includes 4 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Complete Vortex Control Self-Defense today and you will also receive:

  • A never-ending Vortex Control Self-Defense training schedule.
  • Your “go-to” disaster response action plan.
  • Special Report: How to run up walls.
  • A 15-minute yoga stretch routine for increased flexibility, strength, and balance.

This publication has the approval of Peter Sunbye, creator of Vortex Control Self-Defense.

Learn to protect yourself with this all-in-one training manual, because Vortex Control Self-Defense is easy to learn and devastating to apply!


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