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Have you ever attempted swimming in cold water?

Swimming in cold water has a lot of health benefits, but it can also be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken.

Here are some quick safety tips for cold water swimming.

Cold Water Safety Vlog

Have a Friend

It is always better to go swimming in cold water with a group of friends.

This is a preventive measure; if something goes wrong, someone will be there to help you get back to safety.

Be Prepared for Shock

Be prepared for a shock if you're not used to swimming in cold water.

When you first approach cold water, you may begin to hyperventilate.

To combat this you need to mentally prepare. And if it gets too much for you leave the water and get warm as soon as possible.

With practice, you will get better at this.

Warm Yourself Back Up

Lastly, remember to warm yourself up once you're finished so your temperature can return to normal.

You can keep warm by drinking something hot, doing some activity, or wrapping yourself up.

This is to prevent hypothermia which is a life-threatening condition.


These are some cold water swimming tips to keep in mind, but remember to also follow standard water safety rules.

If you want to learn more about cold water safety, rescue, swimming and other techniques, you can check out ‘Survival Swimming’.

Safe Training!

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