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Why Cycling is Awesome for Exercise

Not sure if cycling for exercise is for you? Maybe this article will convince you.

Is cycling good exercise?

In my humble opinion…

Yes. It is. 

And here’s why…

Cycling for Exercise Vlog

Great Cardio 

Mountain biking, or road cycling in general, is an excellent cardio workout IF you do it right.  

One of the problems with it, especially mountain biking, is that there is a lot of ‘non-activity’ time when you go downhill or cruise on a flat.

But then I guess this is countered when pedaling uphill since that exerts a lot more energy.

My suggestion would be to treat it the same way as interval sprint training.

Go as hard as possible for 5 seconds and then rest for 25 seconds. Repeat this 10-15 times and you will get a really good cardio workout in less than 10 minutes training.

Don't forget to warm up!

Easy on the Joints

Personally, I prefer sprinting. 

I don’t need any equipment and I am more likely to need it as a skill for when escaping an enemy. 

The problem with sprint training, however, is the shock impact it can have on the joints. 

Riding alleviates some of this. 

Of course, you can get repetitive stress on different joints via riding too much also. That’s why it is best to mix it up. 

Ride, sprint, swim, climb, or whatever you want.

Outside or In

Unlike many fitness exercises (such as sprinting or swimming), you can cycle on the street, in the great outdoors, or even just in your home. 

For the latter, all you need to do is get one of those stands that converts your mountain bike into a stationary one. 

Either that or get an exercise bike like they have in gyms. Or if you want to get really fancy, get a Pelaton. 


So there you have it. 

Three great reasons why cycling is amazing for cardio exercise. 

But keep in mind that you must put in the effort, and it is best to switch it up every now and again. 

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Safe Training!

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Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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