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Weekly Cycling Plan for Weight Loss     

Cycling is a fun and effective way to stay fit - here's a free weekly cycling plan for weight loss

Have you put on some extra pounds or are you looking to lose a few from your current weight?

This post details a weekly cycling plan for weight loss.

Cycling is an effective weight loss exercise. It offers the cardio needed to burn the fat while building and preserving your muscle mass.

Cycling for Weight Loss Introduction

It is worth noting that for effective weight loss, you must put in the effort to maintain a clean and healthy diet. In a nutshell, for you to lose weight, your calories intake must be less than the calories expenditure. While cycling will help you increase your calorie expenditure, it will be only effective if you eat just enough to avoid accumulating excess calories.

That said, this article will specifically address cycling for weight loss. It will give a guide on how to cycle for weight loss and provide a weekly cycling plan for weight loss.

There are various factors to consider before you put together your weekly cycling plan for weight loss.

Bike and Cycling Gear

Before you get started on your cycling mission, it is important that you get the right bike and gear. Ensure the bike is a good fit and suited for the terrain you anticipate to be riding on. The right bike size will help to prevent injuries. In regards to bike accessories, go for a bike with a water bottle holder. You will need it for regular hydration during your rides.

Invest in good cycling clothes. The best are breathable. Invest in protective gear such as a helmet and knee pads as well as a basic repair kit for when the bike gets a puncture during one of the rides.

Who to Cycle With?

Do you want to cycle alone, with a friend or in a group? Either will help you lose weight, it all depends on your preference.  If you are looking for a group to join, ask around your neighborhood, in fitness centers near you or search for cycling groups near you.

When to Cycle

Consider which time of the day would be best suited for you to cycle, for how long and how many times in a week. While some people may choose to cycle to and from work, other people set aside a dedicated time during the day. For weight loss, it is recommended that you cycle for at least two and half hours per week. That translates to at least 30 minutes a day for five days. To get results faster, you could consider cycling for 60 minutes a day for five days each week.

Cycling intensity

If you are a beginner, you may want to do easy, low to medium intensity rides for as long as you are able to. In the beginning, it may be hard to ride for even 20 minutes, but with time, as you build endurance you will be able to go for longer and at a higher intensity.

Should you do long and slow rides or short and fast rides? Experts recommend long and slow rides as a form of low-intensity steady state (LISS) cardio; and short hard rides as a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Both HIIT and LISS are crucial for weight loss.

You can incorporate HIIT and LISS on alternating days or incorporate them together for interval training. In interval training, you cycle hard for a certain time interval and alternate it with slow rides for the consecutive time interval. While LISS burns fat during the workout, HIIT helps to build muscle and boost metabolism throughout the day.

Sample Weekly Cycling Plan for Weight Loss

Below is a sample weekly cycling plan that you can follow to achieve your weight loss goals. It is ideal for intermediate cyclists and incorporates both long slow rides and short high-intensity rides. You can adjust the plan accordingly to suit your riding expertise and schedule. The plan incorporates 5 days of cycling and 2 rest days. The rest days are scattered throughout the week but you can cycle for 5 days continuously and take two continuous days for rest.

MondaySlow paced cycle60 minutes
TuesdayModerate paced45 minutes
WednesdayHigh intensity cycling30 minutes
ThursdayRest day-
FridayModerate pace45 minutes
SaturdayAlternating 2 minutes high intensity
5 minutes low intensity
45 minutes
SundayRest day-
Sample weekly cycling plan.

Weekly Cycling Plan for Weight Loss Conclusion

Just like any other weight loss plan, cycling requires consistency over time to see results. You can adjust the weekly cycling weight loss plan above accordingly, week after week to suit your needs.

Ensure you have right bike size, cycling gear, and bike accessories.

Remember, to see results you will also need to eat clean and the appropriate amounts.

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Article by Sam Fury

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These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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