What is Survival Swimming?

Survival Swimming is training in much more than just swimming. Find out what else you will learn in this article.

3 Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

When was the last time you swam in super cold water? Maybe it’s time to start doing it more often. Find out why in this article.

My Favorite Beach Swimming Gear

Worried about my stuff getting stolen while you swim at the beach? Here's my solution

Top 10 Swimming Techniques for Beginners

Discover the 10 best swimming techniques for beginners to learn

Cold Water Swimming Safety

Cold water swimming has many health benefits, but it can be deadly if you don’t take the proper precautions. Discover how to do it safely in this article.

7 Dryland Breathing Exercises for Swimmers

Discover 7 breathing exercises to expand your lung capacity

Sea Survival Skills

Learn life saving sea survival skills. Covers general survival, movement, finding land, and more

How to Tread Water for Long Periods of Time

Learn how to tread water for long periods of time in this step-by-step tutorial

How to do the Combat Swimmer Stroke - The Navy Seal Side Stroke

Learn how to do the combat swimmer stroke (navy seal combat side stroke

Top 3 Advantages of Swim Training in a Pool

Do you prefer to swim in a pool or open water? Check out this article for my top 3 reasons to do your swim training in a pool.

The Advantages of Open Water Swim Training

Do you prefer swimming in open water or a pool? In this article you will discover why training in open water is better!

The 3 Best Swimming Strokes to Learn for Escape and Evasion

If you need to swim to get away from an enemy, these are the only strokes you need to know!

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