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25 Self-Defense Techniques For Women

Learn 25 self-defense tips for women

Sadly, in the world we live in, women have a greater need for self-defense tactics than men. Obviously, traveling alone at night at any time is risky, but for women, there is an even greater need to be alert and informed due to the increased risk of attacks. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

The Art of Self-Defense

1. You Must Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is something women don't understand. This applies to verbal, psychological, and physical boundaries. Why don't women take these matters seriously? Perhaps because they assume men are kind and know what they're doing. Absolutely! Men are sometimes nice, but not always.

Check out this self-defense handbook to learn more about self-defense:

2. The Gracie Jiu Jitsu Technique

Self-defense is a central part of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, also known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What's with that? For over 80 years, this style and technique have saved women from violence.

This is something you must do because, in most cases, a sexual aggressor follows four phases before attacking you. Through this training, you will learn how to avoid them and how to defend yourself whenever necessary.

3. You Should Never Underestimate Your Instincts

There's a sense of intuition you get just before anything happens, telling you something is about to go wrong. Women, however, tend to ignore these signals. Thus, it is important to never take your instincts for granted and to ALWAYS listen to them before something bad happens.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. When you're in a public place or in someone else's company, this is especially important.

4. Identify What Part You Can Handle

If you are being attacked, you develop quick reflexes, making your brain numb. Most of the time, you're not able to decide how to respond. But you need to know what parts to hit. Where do you hit?

  • Groin (most important)
  • ​ Nose
  • ​ Eyes
  • ​ Throat

Not only does striking these body parts make them move away from you, but they can also actually put them in serious pain. This is the best way to handle such situations.

5. Getting Away From An Arm Grab

If someone tries to grab your wrist tightly, what should you do? Though it may appear easy at first, it is much more difficult if you do not know the correct way.

All you have to do is:

  • Grab the wrist with the opposite hand
  • ​ You should point up until your elbow
  • ​ By using your core area, slide your hand down the aggressor's hand.

6. Escaping the Back Grab

You might be tackled from behind by an attacker. What should you do? When someone grabs you from behind in a forceful manner, here is a trick to use:

  • Push yourself inside
  • ​ From any direction, slide your hips out and turn Strike the person hard in the groin
  • ​ Take hold of the person's neck with a tight grip
  • ​ Please feel free to kick your knees in the groin

In case someone is grabbing you from behind and lifting you, use back kicks to strike the area around the groin.

7. How to Escape the Choke Hold

If the attacker tries to choke you, it won't come as a surprise. Naturally, he uses pressure in a way that makes you lose your breath in a matter of seconds.

You can do the following if someone does it to you:

  • ​Lift your arm
  • Turn the attacker's opposite arm down
  • Take hold of the attacker's hand and crunch down
  • Hit him in the face with your elbow
  • Although it may seem easy, it is not. There has to be something to safeguard you

8. The Hair Escape

Your attacker might not just grab or choke you, he might even grab your skull using your hair. Here's what you can do:

  • Grasp the hand(s) of the attacker with your hands
  • ​ Protect your face with your elbows
  • ​ Turn and twist to the back of the attacker
  • ​ Twist his arms
  • ​ Dislocate the shoulder by pushing his arm to the shoulder

9. Be Committed to Your Actions

According to myth, if a woman hits the attacker, he then becomes more aggressive. Why is that? Since you hit and stare at him, he has the time to think and attack more aggressively.

You don't want to do that. So, commit to that first hit, and don't give up. Be an aggressor before he becomes one.

10. Make Things as Easy as Possible

Why not simplify things? The goal is to not submit to an attacker but to relax them. That's a clever move.

You must calm yourself down as well as the other person. After that, use the "fake commitment" strategy, in which you pretend to follow his instructions. Evaluate whether you can handle the situation. If not, choose the right moment to attack.

Take a deep breath, fake committing, and attack. It's just that good.

11. Best Self-Defense Tools Used in the Kidnapping

Sadly, kidnapping is a fairly common occurrence. The best thing you can do is always keep your tools to yourself. There are two of the best ones that have proven to be helpful to several women.

A handcuff key - It opens any handcuff. Many people don't know this. Get yours here.

Blade - You can wrap the blade in duct tape and carry it with you if it is dangerous. A single blade is powerful enough to cut through ropes, tape, or any other type of object.

12. Be Loud and Clear When Speaking

Physical contact isn't always necessary. Usually, this happens when you are fully aware that you are about to be attacked. Now is the time to clarify your position. Be loud and clear. You know that "no" means no.

13. Other Unarmed Techniques

To protect yourself, you don't always have to be physically strong. You can use unarmed techniques to protect yourself. For instance, if someone is following you on the street, try changing your ways, visiting a friend randomly, or going to a public place to have a coffee.

What else? Don't be afraid, and look the stranger in the eye when they follow you or stalk you. Some of these clever tricks create danger signs for someone who is about to attack you.

In case of emergency, you should contact the police, security, or anyone who can help you.

You can also check out this handbook on self-defense to learn more techniques:

14. Run From a Knife Attack

Knives are simple yet complex and concealed self-defense weapons that your attacker can use. Hundreds of thousands of videos can be found online that explain how to escape. In reality, any false knowledge or lack of practice can be very dangerous when the real situation arises.

When faced with knife defense, the best thing to do is RUN! Indeed! You read it correctly. You should run if you can. Otherwise, you should learn how these attacks work.

You can learn more about knife defense from this book.

15. Knife Combat Techniques

If there is no escape or you need to protect someone else, there are still options.

  • DO NOT attempt to stop/hold the knife attack. There will be serious repercussions.
  • ​ Use the Fake Submission technique. When they feel you’ve submitted and are agreeing with whatever they say, don’t attempt to attack. Simply get away with it. When they are convinced, don't attack and get away with it.
  • ​ You may not be able to recover from a knife attack if things get out of hand. 

16. Self-Defense Martial Arts

It's insane that martial arts provides the ability to kill or harm anyone with their basic self-defense moves. Fortunately, there are many options worldwide. It's best to choose something traditional for example:

  • Israeli self-defense technique, Krav Maga
  • ​ An Iranian martial art called Rostami Self-Defense
  • Self-defense with Kung Fu
  • ​ The Russian self-defense system, Systema

These arts provide more than just defense, according to a study. Among the values they impart are (Schwarz, 1997):

  • Increasing the confidence of women to fight
  • ​ Discover some deadly moves
  • ​ Prevent some deadly killer attacks (knives and bullets)
  • ​ Suitable for all ages, sizes, and genders.

Find a self-defense instructor and get started as soon as possible.

17. Be Alert While at a Party

Partying doesn't have to stop because you're a woman. Even though it’s one of the most dangerous places to be attacked. In this case, it would be best for you to leave with the people you came with, or at least let them know you will be leaving soon.

Another way is also possible. Watch your drink and keep it to yourself. Try pouring a drink on your own and do your best to prevent any mishaps.

18. Use Your Keychain in an Innovative Way

When it comes to protecting yourself, a keychain is so much more than just something fancy. Make your keychains more effective by attaching some pointy objects to them.

How can you be more innovative? There are different shapes of keychain self-defense rings that are easy to grab and can cause damage to the attacker. A popular one is Kubotan. A Kubotan self-defense ring will be of great use to you. Get yours here.

19. Alarms Are Powerful

A loud whistle is perfect for spreading the alert. This sound can be made with a very loud whistle. You can find it on Amazon, for example. Make sure you buy one.

Sometimes, you won't have time to blow. There are some gorgeous alarming objects that work by pushing a button. Although they may seem like a dangerous weapon, they might be perfect for you.

20. Never Underestimate the Power of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is usually mentioned in self-defense training sessions, in offices, or colleges. They work wonders when sprayed on an attacker.

While these traditional sprays can be effective, they also spread in the direction of the wind, which poses a problem. It can also be harmful to yourself. Pick something that has an extremely powerful stream to hit the attacker.

21. Hidden Self-Defense Weapons That Cause Pain

You have to be careful in this strange world. There are many cheap self-defense weapons available. Choose something that causes pain to the attacker. You may want to try using a sharp ring object or a pen that also functions as a glass breaker and a knife self-defense tool.

22. Keep Your Hands Free

When we're caught in public unaware, our phones can be a tremendous distraction.

Women can be particularly vulnerable in gas stations and parking lots. While pumping gas or walking to and from your vehicle, remove your earphones. You are less likely to be seen as a target if you keep your hands free and your eyes open.

23. Don't Pull Over

Criminals often attempt to have you pull over by pointing out something wrong with your vehicle. When you drive alone on the road, it can be terrifying to think that something could go wrong with your car, and fear may cause you to pull over on the side of the road.

You must never roll your window down for anyone other than your friends and the police. Lock your doors and roll up your windows when driving. Get out of traffic by driving to an area that is well-lit or to a police station. Beware of the Good Samaritans who offer to fix your car or a flat tire after an accident. Getting help is fine, but remain cautious.

24. Get Rid of the Solo Mentality

Almost all experts agree that a woman in a group is less likely to be attacked.

It may be helpful to walk from an office or other building to a vehicle in pairs or a large group, or even ask a security guard for assistance. Whenever you are alone in a shopping center, ask for a security escort.

There may be a feeling that it's an inconvenience, but these professionals are here to help, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

25. Change Things Up

It is always a good idea to change up your routine from time to time.

One way to discourage criminals and vandals is to regularly change your routine. Criminals and vandals like to scope out targets before attacking, so one way to keep them at bay is to change your routine regularly. There is more to it than just parking at work. You should consider your route home and back, as well as where you get your morning coffee and eat lunch.

Best Self-Defense Tools

When you're in a dangerous situation, you can use even basic female self-defense weapons to defend yourself—especially if you know how to use them. Listed below are well-liked tools that are widely accessible and affordable.

1. The Tactical Pens

You can keep the tactical pen on you at all times as it looks and functions like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but with a couple of extra features. The weapon was crafted from a tough metal with a hardened point, which can be used to hit soft spots on an attacker. It's used by the military and police. There are even some that include mace or darts, and you may even need it to break a window if you are trapped.

2. Stun Guns

There are several different types of stun guns, and they are non-lethal methods of protecting yourself. A variety of stun guns can be disguised as regular objects, such as perfume bottles, cell phone cases, or car keys. Your attacker will be disoriented after the electric shock, giving you time to escape.

3. Pepper Spray

You can temporarily disable an attacker with pepper spray in a fast and effective manner. You can carry the small canister in your pocket or bag. Make sure you spray your aggressor's face and eyes—the spray will close their eyes, make it hard for them to breathe, and sting their skin. The effects usually last up to 45 minutes, which gives you enough time to escape and call for help. However, make sure that you are aware of the wind direction, because if it goes in the direction of the wind, it can be problematic for you.

A lipstick pepper spray can also act as a personal protection device. With this small, discreet pepper spray, you can get a ballistic stream with police strength. You can carry it in your purse or pocket for added convenience.

4. Flashlight

Despite looking innocuous at first glance, a flashlight is an excellent tool for self-defense. Even from a distance, a bright LED flashlight on the strobe setting can disorient and temporarily blind an attacker, giving you enough time to flee. For greater safety, get a long-lasting heavy-duty flashlight to store in your vehicle. You can also use it to hit the person over the head when needed.

A quality mag like like these ones are invaluable.

5. Sap Cap

The tip of the cap might not seem like enough to cause huge damage, but a shot made from a dense material ensures even a casual hit is enough to bruise an opponent, while a hard blow can fracture their arm. The placement of the metal shot can injure everyone who happens to hit it as they throw a haymaker, even if you don't intend to use it as a weapon.

6. Self-Defense Ring

Jewelry probably doesn't spring to mind when you think of self-defense products for women. Nonetheless, you may benefit from a self-defense ring. Runners would find this helpful. The ring has spikes, so if you are attacked, you can use them to hurt the attacker. You wear it like a normal ring.

7. Sap Gloves

Sap gloves are weighted gloves that give your punches more power. Wearing these weapons discreetly without looking suspicious makes them one of the best self-defense weapons.


Having simple self-defense techniques can help a woman catch an attacker off guard and teach him the consequences of misbehaving. It's better to use even the most basic form of self-defense than not to use it at all. We are all entitled to self-defense, but we are also obligated to use it.

Many of you are wondering why you need so many things just to live an independent life. Well, you do! We live in an imperfect world, my friend. Therefore, instead of depending on someone else, you should stand up for yourself and be your own queen!

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Article by Sam Fury

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