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9 Pressure Points That are Perfect for Self-Defense

Aiming for pressure points is generally a bad strategy in a street fight… But they can come in handy once in a while. Here are 9 pressure point targets that are excellent for self-defense!

3 Reasons Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Terrible for Self-Defense

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great martial art. It's fun and keeps you super fit… But it is TERRIBLE for self-defense! Learn why in this article.

3 Effective Self-Defense Tools You Can Carry Everywhere

Did you know you can carry some extremely effective self-defense tools almost everywhere you go? Here are 3 of them, and you may even have them on you right now!

How to Defend Against the Most Common Street Attacks

Street attacks can happen at any time and you never know what it will be. Check out this article to discover how to defend against the most common attacks.

Self-Defense VS. Retaliation

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3 Reasons to Start Learning Self-Defense Today!

Do you train in self-defense? If not, here’s 3 reasons you should get started right now!

The Most Effective Martial Art for Self-Defense

Want to learn a martial art for self-defense but not sure which is best? Read this article to discover my opinion on THE #1 BEST martial art to learn for self-defense and why.

How to Defend Yourself Without Hurting Your Opponent

Maybe it's a school bully, a drunk friend or just some young punk acting tough. Whatever the case, discover how to defend yourself without having to hurt your opponent.

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