Self-Defense VS. Retaliation

Do you know the difference between self-defense and retaliation? If not, read this article to find out my thoughts on it!

3 Reasons to Start Learning Self-Defense Today!

Do you train in self-defense? If not, here’s 3 reasons you should get started right now!

The Most Effective Martial Art for Self-Defense

Want to learn a martial art for self-defense but not sure which is best? Read this article to discover my opinion on THE #1 BEST martial art to learn for self-defense and why.

How to Defend Yourself Without Hurting Your Opponent

Maybe it's a school bully, a drunk friend or just some young punk acting tough. Whatever the case, discover how to defend yourself without having to hurt your opponent.

Self-Defense Against School Bullies

Do you or your kids get bullied at school or work? Discover exactly how I’d handle the situation in this article.

3 Strategies of Self-Defense

What would you do when faced with a violent situation? Here are my top 3 strategies for self-defense.

3 Simple Self-Defense Tips for Kids

Discover 3 simple things that your child can do to escape a potential kidnapper.

My All-Time Favorite Martial Arts Stars

Who are your favorite martial arts stars? Are they the same as mine? Find out in this article.

The Only Self-Defense Tips You Need to Know!

If you only learn 3 things about self-defense, these should be it + get your free preview of ‘The Self-Defense Handbook’.

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