Types of Climbing Walls—Different Rock Climbing Walls

Learn about the different types of rock-climbing walls and the best ways to climb them.

Parkour Techniques You Can Practice at Home

Want to practice parkour but got nowhere to do it? Well that’s a sh*tty excuse for not training! Read this to learn how you can do your parkour training at home.

My Most Memorable Climbs

I’ve climbed in quite a few places around the world… but these are my most memorable. Read about them in this article.

The 3 Best Parkour Vaults for Escaping an Enemy

There are many types of parkour vaults - but not all of them are useful when you need to run away from an attacker. Read this to find out the top 3 I recommend learning for practical use.

Why We Boulder in the Survival Fitness Plan

Rock Climbing is a useful skill that could save your life in the great outdoors. But in the Survival Fitness Plan we like to focus on one specific type of climbing… bouldering. Learn why in this article.

Top 3 Parkour Moves for Escaping an Enemy

In this article, you will discover the top three parkour techniques to concentrate on in relation to escaping an enemy.

The Ultimate Parkour Tutorial for Beginners

This parkour tutorial for beginners will teach you parkour basics. It includes basic parkour moves with pictures

How to Prevent Parkour Injuries

Here are some tips on how to prevent injuries during your parkour training.

3 Amazing Benefits of Mountain Bike Riding

On the fence about whether to go mountain biking or not? Maybe these 3 reasons can help persuade you!

My 3 Favorite Parkour Conditioning Exercises

Parkour is a whole body activity which uses a lot of muscles that most people hardly ever engage. Check out this article to discover 3 conditioning exercises...

3 Fun Parkour Games

Want to mix up your parkour training a bit? Try out these 3 awesome parkour games!

The 3 Best Strength Training Exercises for Climbers

Do you have trouble staying on the wall? Maybe you need to work on your strength… Discover the 3 best strength training exercises for climbers in this article.

8 Best Parkour Moves for Urban Escape - Survival Fitness...

Learn the best parkour moves to help you escape your enemy

The 12 Best Parkour Parks in the World!

Discover 12 of the best parkour parks in the world to learn new skills

How to Train in Parkour the Safe Way

Do you avoid trying parkour because you think it’s dangerous? Truth is, it can be dangerous, but only if you do it wrong. Discover how to train safely in parkour in this article.

15 Best Parkour Exercises for Beginners

Discover the 15 best parkour exercises for beginners

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