Legacy Posts

What to do When Lost in the Wilderness

Have you ever been lost in the woods? I have, and I learned a bunch of lessons from it! Read this to find out how I got out alive.

How to Avoid Being a Criminal's Target

The best defense from crime is to avoid being a target… and in this article you will learn exactly how to do that!

My Top 3 Hot Weather Survival Tips

Would you know what to do if you had to survive in extreme hot weather? Learn my top 3 tips in this article.

3 Things You Must Do to Stay Safe When Traveling

Discover 3 simple things you can do to have a safer (and more enjoyable) experience the next time you travel.

3 Hiking Essentials

If you could only take 3 things when going for your next hike, what would they be? Discover what I’d take in this article.

Prepping for Winter

Winter’s coming… Are you prepared? Find out exactly what you need to do to protect yourself and your family from harsh winters.

The #1 Best Survival Tool

If you could only take 1 thing with you onto a deserted island, what would it be? Read this to find out what I would take and why

3 Extremely Important Anti-Abduction Tips

Would you know what to do if something tried to snatch you from the street? Inaction and indecisiveness could cost you your life. Read this to discover 3 things you can do to save you from abduction!

The 3 Biggest Things to Consider When Going Off-Grid

Thinking of going off-grid? There are A LOT of things to consider. Here are 3 of the most important ones.

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