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How to Revolutionize Your Fitness with the Survival Plan

Revolutionize your fitness journey with our Survival Plan guide! Indulge in this article to gain strategic training, nutrition, and mindset tips that can transform the way you approach health. Prepare to conquer any fitness challenge while elevating well-being levels - take the step now to unlock secrets to a resilient, flourishing you!

From an in-depth overview of the training blueprint to an exploration of its various training levels, we're about to embark on a comprehensive journey.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a survivalist, or someone seeking a new and innovative workout routine, this episode promises a wealth of knowledge and insights to supercharge your training regimen. Stay tuned!

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Imagine possessing the skills and stamina to face any danger head-on. It starts here – are you up for the 6-week Survival Fitness Plan Challenge?


Hi guys, Sam Fury here, and welcome back to another episode of the Survival Fitness Plan. It's a new... It's a new year. Happy New Year. And with that, we're bringing out a new format to the show. Instead of like we've, I've, up until now I've been doing like, Oh, here's the three tips or the three points or whatever to different aspects of activities within the Survival Fitness Plan.

So, each day more or less is like one of them is for parkour, one of them is for self-defense, one of them is for swimming, and like you get tips on those specific things, right? But now because I've like created The training schedule and I'm, I'm currently in the middle of creating the app, which hopefully will be ready within a week, like at least live at some version of live in a week.

So that'll be pretty cool. So now from now on, well, at least for this season, and I'm not sure how long this will take. But I'm going to go through step by step different aspects of the act, specifically the Survival Fitness Plan, as opposed to just, as opposed to different aspects within the, within the subjects.

And then maybe after this series, I'll go back to the original format or something along those lines. Because once I've explained it all. It'll I won't want to explain it again, right? Because it'll be done, but of course, there'll be changes and stuff, and I'll learn new stuff and probably later on get more into body hacking and things like that.

But anyway so, I'm not sure how long it'll take. I'm not sure how many episodes this is going to take up. But I'm going to go into so, for example, today's episode will be about... An overview of the training schedule and then tomorrow's will be like I'll dive deeper into one of each thing and then like the day after you dive deeper into the next thing and then maybe it'll be about core exercise and then each day I'll dive a little bit deeper into the specific exercises and stuff like that.

So it'll be very, very, very incremental and you'll get little like miniature bite-sized pizza pieces of almost every aspect of this whole fitness plan. And of course, it will change as I do it, but we'll, we'll see how it goes. So I'm excited for this. Yeah. And as I said. Today's topic is the Survival Fitness Plan training schedule and an overview of it.

 So like an overview of the training schedule, this is like the basic overall Strategy of how you go through the Survival Fitness Plan, right? So the first thing you got to do everyone and everyone will do is the fitness test So you'll do the fitness test and so tomorrow's episode or the next episode that I'll do won't be tomorrow, but just whenever the next episode is, I'll go, I'll dive deep into the fitness test and exactly what the fitness test is, and then how you do it, and then what you do with the information.

 Alright, so that's level one is the fitness test. Everyone does that so then you know which level and where to start in the Survival Fitness Plan. Alright. So there are Now, there are 7 levels, right, I've given them each little name, and these names are likely, to change, but I'll just tell them to you as they are, as I've, as I've made them up at the moment.

So level 1 makes you a tribe member, and level 1 is all about getting a base fitness it goes for 5 weeks, and I feel like a lot of people that do this Survival Fitness Plan will actually skip level 1. because they've already got a base fitness, but maybe you don't. So it actually starts from scratch.

So it's like if you don't really exercise at all or for example, you can't even do, you can't do a single pushup or something. This is like, you'll start from level one and it'll build you up to a base fitness where then you can move on to level two, which is actually where you start to get into flight and fo It's called flight and fight fitness, that name is probably going to change.

But flight and fight fitness is like the introduction to what a survival fitness plan is all about. Like the functional exercises, the first thing you'll learn is how to sprint, like how to run really fast. So at a very basic level the two best, the two best activities that you'll use to escape an enemy are going to be to run, right, run really fast, and then basic self-defense.

And then so that's what level 2 is all about, is about learning how to sprint good, or like training to sprint really well, and basic self-defense, and of course increasing your fitness and each level, like the fitness gradually increases, increases, increases, and, and, and when we get to the end, you'll see what it increases to, and so level 2 is 7 weeks, alright, so level 1 is 5 weeks, level 2 is 7 weeks, I feel like a lot of people will start in level 2, but a lot of people will also start in level 3, which is the next one, which is actually, this is the level I'm Starting in so like I did the fitness test myself like a couple of days ago And and then I calculated where I should start and I'm starting in level 3 So level 3 is survival fit and it's here.

You'll learn more fight-flight and fight exercises at an intermediate stage and it also starts to introduce plyometrics for your strength training exercises. So in the base in levels one and two, It's all like base exercise like normal like strict squats and strict push-ups meaning that there's no jumping or anything There's no it's just like learning how to do the base The base levels of the activities to a proper standard because once you get into plyometrics, if you don't have that good solid base, then you're more likely to get injured, but it's important to do the plyometrics because then we that's how you get explosive power.

This is level three and also introduces swimming into the mix. So the first two levels are mainly just fighting and fight training and sprinting or running like endurance running and now you introduce swimming and you're going to learn the skills for swimming like how to swim long distances underwater, how to swim really fast on top of the water, how to how to do survival backstroke and things like that.

And that one goes for 10 weeks. This brings you to level 4, and level 4 is warrior level, so you're a survival fitness warrior. And you do some the plyometrics goes to an advanced stage, so that's where you start to learn like in the first, in level 3, you might be doing burpees, but now you're doing super burpees, right?

And you do some advanced plyometrics, and of course, you get into more advanced flight and fight techniques as well. It's kind of like your combos are more extended to how to defend against multiple opponents and things like that. Yeah, and it also introduces bike riding, like urban bike riding, BMX.

So remember there used to be a lot of times we talk about mountain biking, but of course, using mountain biking for escape and evasion is not really Although it's useful, like we use the skills from mountain biking, we adapt them to the urban scenario. And level 4 also goes for 10 weeks.

4 also goes for 10 weeks. Level 5 brings you to the Spartan level. So that's the last of your skills training. Last of the skills training lessons, right? And of course, increased fitness as well. And you're starting to level out now, and that goes for 16 weeks to get you all up to scratch. And then level 6 is the elite level, right?

And that, in this level, it's like solidifies all the skills training and brings you up to the maximum fitness goals, which includes like 100 pull-ups, 50 sprints, and 200 bicycle crunches, but then also there's of course about another 5 other exercises and interval training, and it also brings you to the maximum level of like yours, your endurance goals for swimming and running.

I can't remember exactly what they are off the top of my head, but they're in the timetable. I think it's something like you run for like, Okay. An hour at 12 kilometers an hour so you can run 12Ks and swimming is much, much less than that, obviously, because you don't swim as fast as you run, but it goes for an hour as well, so it goes by time, and it doesn't really matter how fast, well, it does matter how fast you go, but you don't have to hit the, the, the actual goal, it's good if you do, I would say, But you might not hit the goal, but it's the time that matters most and you just put in the maximum effort because some people will just no matter how hard they train, they won't be able to run 12Ks an hour.

It's just their body or whatever, right? But it's, it's good to try. It's actually not that hard to do, but 12Ks an hour to sustain for an hour is quite hard, but that's why it's the elite level. Yeah, so that, so level six is like, once you finish level six, you pretty much know everything and all your skills are solidified.

You've practiced everything numerous times and you're, You're at maximum fitness for the Survival Fitness Plan. Level 7, so this last level is level 7 and that's the Survival Fitness Plan legend. And basically what that is, is like it's a never-ending training schedule. So it starts from you'll, you'll, I'm going to maintain your level of fitness.

And you'll go through all the exercises, each day you'll go through all the exercises one by one and like that. And you can just like, so it's just maintaining your fitness level and skills and it's a never-ending training schedule and basically it goes for, I can't remember how many days but then it just keeps looping around and And yeah, no, I'm sure like by the time people get to that, so we'll, we'll have added more stuff and then and then it can go into like being a trainer or whatever, but that's a whole nother line of stuff that I haven't, haven't thought about yet much.

And of course, if you want to increase after that, like after level seven, you might say, oh, I want to do more than 200. You can or whatever, or you just add weight. Weight, adding weight is a good way to increase once you get to that stage, because once you start adding more, like you do 50 sprints, that's quite a lot of sprints, right?

And once you do more than that, it's not really adding any. anything else. I mean, and, and also it makes, makes the training go for too long. Like you don't, you're not a professional athlete. You don't have to train four hours a day, right? Even at level seven, where you're doing the maximum amount, you're probably still only training about a maximum of an hour and a half a day.

And that includes like your stretching and meditation, all that sort of stuff. All right. So that's the seven levels of the Survival Fitness Plan. And of course, you can settle on any level you want. You don't have to go all the way through to level seven, like myself, I'm, I'm level three at the moment, there's seven levels.

I don't know if I'll ever get to level, well of course I will, because I'm very determined. But yeah, so you don't have to go all the way. So I think if most people just get to survival fitness, a lot of people are happy with that stat because that's pretty fit. So like being survival fit is, and then you know like a lot of the core skills that you need.

And yeah, but of course if you want to go all the way through or get to level 4, you get to level 6, you know all the skills, that's pretty good. And if you want to do level 7 as well, you can as well. To be honest, once you've done level 6, you naturally progress into level 7 anyway, because you're, you, you, if you finish level 6, you've got the fitness level, and you know all the skills, so you're actually in level 7 automatically.

It's just that level 7 gives you the timetable to do continuous training and you can add weight if you want and like get better of course if you want.

 That's it for today guys. I hope that gave you a good overview of the Survival Fitness Plan timetable. Hopefully, it gets you interested and excited to start it and the app will come out shortly in a few weeks.

Probably by the time you listen to this, it's already out, so you can go download the app Yeah, so I'll see you again the next time. And in the next episode, I'm going to go deep into the fitness test. You can actually go and give yourself the fitness test.

All right. That's it for today, guys. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you again next time.

Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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