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How to Craft Your Ultimate Survival Fitness Plan

Stay prepared for anything! Our article can assist in crafting an ideal survival fitness plan, from physical endurance to strategic training. Find out the key components necessary for you to thrive no matter what comes your way - don't leave your survival up to chance; read now and create a fitness plan that ensures you'll always be ready!

In our fast-paced world, it's essential not just to be fit but to be prepared for any eventuality. Today, we'll guide you through:

  • ​Personalizing your training plan
  • ​Understanding the standard timetable
  • ​Tracking your progress scores
  • ​Focusing on key fitness areas
  • ​Bundling vital skills
  • ​The best coaching materials

Plus, we'll introduce you to the Survival Fitness Plan App to ensure you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. So, whether you're a fitness novice or a seasoned pro, stay tuned to learn how to elevate your training to new survival heights!

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00:00:00 Introduction
01:17:76 Personalizing Your Training Plan
03:00:23 Following the Standard Timetable
04:26:09 Checking Your Scores
06:35:88 Fitness Areas
08:17:30 Bundling Skills
10:35:25 Coaching and Materials
13:05:37 The Survival Fitness Plan App
14:26:36 Closing

Do you have what it takes to out-run, out-fight, and out-live the rest? Take on the Survival Fitness Plan to find out:


Hi guys, Sam Fury here with another episode of the Survival Fitness Plan, your ultimate flight and fight fitness training program. Bit of a late one today, usually I do this in the morning, like pre, before nine o'clock, like pretty much just after I do my morning exercise. Today's day kind of got away from me.

It's quarter to three in the afternoon. This morning I went for a swim and I went to the local pool and They were like, oh yeah, go for a swim, whatever. So I paid for my things and went in. And the pool was closed because they've got underwater water polo. And I was like, why didn't they... Tell me that before I pay my entry fee.

But then I talked to the lifeguard and they're like, Oh, you can swim in the 25-meter pool. And I was like, where's that? And she's like, it's there. And pointed to it, and it's the pool where all the elder people do their walking. And I was like, I can't, there's people walking in there. And she's like, you can swim in there.

They'll, they'll move out your way. I was like, oh, alright. So I went for it. So I didn't swim as much as I usually would just because it was really hot in that pool. They must warm it up so the elderly, people don't get a shock when they go in. Because they're just doing the walking, you know, like the remedial exercises.

And then I went for a sauna. Like saunas, they're good for you too. Anyway, that was alright. Yeah, it was a bit weird that they let me into the pool when I wasn't allowed to use the pool, but whatever.

 Today's episode is about how to personalize your survival fitness training. You might notice a difference in quality and sound.

It's because in, one of the previous, not the last episode, but the episode before that the microphone ran out of battery and it just cut off. And so I don't want that to happen again. So I think I'll just do it without a microphone from now on. I don't think the quality is either, either that much worse, so we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, so let's say you've done the test. We talked about the test the other day, the fitness test, and the test is the same since I've redone the schedule, the test. I was going to redo the test as well, but I looked at it and it's the same. So the actual testing is the same, but the personalization, once you've done the test, is simpler.

So we're going to go over how to personalize your training from once you've done the test. So in this new version, everyone previously what would happen is you'd do the test and then you'd find where you are in the thing and then start from the start of that level. Because there are 10 levels and you'll start from the start of that level and then you'd have to play catch up with all the skills But what I've decided is better is that everyone starts from day one of level one so you don't miss out on any skills training And because the skills training is actually what makes the Survival Fitness Plan so unique Because it teaches you all this because if you just want to get fit If you just want to like do a bunch of core exercises and run and stuff You don't really need like don't don't use the Survival Fitness Plan if you just want to get fit go To the gym or just go for a run.

You know, it's like, just whatever. If you want, if you wanna learn how to escape your enemy and, and be able to self-defense and how to fight and all, and how to run away from your how to, how to swim really fast, how to swim really long underwater, and how to, how to ride in an urban environment so you can evade your, someone chasing you.

That's what this evolved into place for. Right? So you don't wanna miss out on that skills training.

 But if you follow the standard timetable, like if you went from level one, to stage one The strength and endurance exercises might be too low for you. For example, like stage one, level one starts off with like planks as opposed to push-ups, as opposed to, and then even level two.

Sorry, there's a car going by. And then even level, even level two progresses from planks to push-ups, right? But it's not plyo push-ups, like level three, level four. You start introducing plyometric exercises for the explosive power, so like, when you punch it's like, super good, and when you go to run and jump in parkour it's like, you're much better at it, right?

But if you follow, if you start from level 1 or whatever those exercises at that level might be too low for you. The reason I've done it like that is that I want people that have like, that are interested in these things and they want to train, but they might not be fit at all, like maybe they can't do a push-up, maybe they can't do a pull-up, right, so they have somewhere to start.

But for those of you who don't want to lose fitness while you're catching up on the skills, which is why we... Which is there's going to be a lot of people out there that start this evolved fitness plan that, that already fit, right? So if you don't want to lose your fitness while you catch up with skills, so that's, this is how you personalize your training.

So, your skills, until your skills catch up to your, To your physical fitness. And then once everything aligns, you'll be able to progress everything together.

So what you do is you look at the scores from your fitness test, right? Then you enter the lowest level that you've highlighted. So you do, when you're doing the fitness test, just a quick recap.

You do as many pushups as you can, or you, and as many sprints as you can. You do all these things to failure, right? And then you take your score down, and then there's a little table, and then you find your lowest score, your highlight, your score, and your thing. Maybe you did six to 10 pushups. And then let's say that's level two.

This isn't exact 'cause it's off the top of my head. Let's say that's level two. And then you highlight that maybe you did seven pull-ups, and then you, you high, you highlight that bit, right? And maybe you did 20 crunches, and then you highlight that and whichever one's lowest, right? Whichever's your lowest level.

You entered that level. All right, so then you're in the spreadsheet, you're in the level, for example, let's say you got level four. Let's say you did eight pull-ups, and that's level four. All right, so in the strength training you locate where your lower score would be. So. If you have multiple low levels and multiple low scores in the same level, just locate all of them and then choose the lowest.

So, for example, as I said, if the participant's lowest score was 8 pull-ups, that's level 4 strength 4. 08. That's, that's where you would start. And then if you go into the thing, into like the book, there's 4. 08 and it'll tell you all the exercises and all the amount of reps for all the other exercises based on your eight pull-ups, right?

So this is your strength training starting point. And then there's also a corresponding endurance training starting point. So there's like a 4. 8 of endurance as well, which is I don't know, 36 minutes or 40, 38 minutes probably are up. So. Whenever you have strength or endurance training in the app or the timetable, depending on what you're using, right?

If you're using the app, it'll just tell it to you. If you're using, the book, it'll be in the timetable, on the table. You do the one that you scored on, right? So once your skill level catches up like you see your strength and endurance level appear naturally, in the workout, you start progressing with it, right?

So then once you get up to skill, I don't know, it might be skill 108. It's level four. It'll pay. Oh yeah, I can't do it in math, I'll stop my head. Let's say it's, let's say it's 108, right? So then once you get up to 108, everything's aligned and then you just start progressing naturally, naturally, naturally, right?

 Yeah, so that's basically how you do it. And so you may have scored higher on other exercises as well or perhaps you're better at say endurance exercises than the score you got You're always free to train more if you want than the plans that suggest it's because it's understandable that you don't want to go backward right if you're good if you like if you score like a level two something that says oh you just you're just going to run for 15 minutes.

I mean, you're like, man, but usually I run for 60 minutes. Well, you don't have to stop running if you want to, and you probably should. Just, on a run day, just do your 60 minutes, right? Just do any extra you want to at the top of what's in the plan, right? The main thing is just not to do less. A common scenario is that people have good endurance or good strength, right?

But it's pretty... A lot of people don't have both. So, because the test works on strength, it's likely that you're better or worse at the endurance portion than what will be suggested because it doesn't do strength and endurance. So, doing more endurance like doing what you would usually do is recommended on the endurance day, but just don't do less than what's recommended.

So, even if you have to go to a slow jog, keep going until, like, the time is up. So, let's say you got strength level 4. 8, and then... Your endurance is 48 minutes but you can't, like, you never do jogging, you never jog so you just don't have the endurance. Just keep doing it anyway, like, you don't want to do a minimum, so you just jog as much as you can, right?

And let's say, if you're really, like, you're slowing down too, like, your jog is basically a walk, that's fine. Just keep going until 48 minutes and you just keep doing it because by the time it all catches up, you'll be able to jog 48 minutes, like, faster and faster and faster, right? By the time all the skills catch up.

So that's just, it's the way it's made, it's built into it.  So there's this other concept about bundling skills, so also yesterday what I realized was that when I was going through it that a lot of skills are like separated, so it was going to be like, here's one swimming skill, here's one fighting skill, here's one blah blah blah, and it goes like that. But then when you go to revision...

You might be like, oh, there's for revision school, I have to like, go to the pool one day and something else, or whatever, right? Because the revision, like, takes all three of the skills and puts it in the one day, and it's a revision day. So what I did is I bundled everything in three more or less.

So it's like, here's three fighting skills. So on your revision day, it'll just be a fighting revision, right? So that means the whole week will just be like, you'll be concentrating on fighting, except for when you're like actually going swimming and strength training and stuff like that, right? And then the next day will be your, or your like a mountain biking day or a riding day.

So like, the main focus will be biking for that week, right? And then the revision will be three biking techniques. And then the main one I did this for is for swimming, right? Cause you've got to go to a pool and if you've got to go to like if you've got a couple of revision days, you go to the pool, you're going to go to the pool every other day.

It's ridiculous, well it doesn't mean the pool, like a bed of water to practice your swimming, right? You want to do it all at once, so it's more convenient. So I just do that for convenience. So that's why you're bundling skills. So if it doesn't line up, you can like it. Just say I'm not near a pool, no, I'm not near a rock climbing wall today, but I will be tomorrow.

Well then just leave that one for tomorrow, if that's how your training works out. But I've bundled most of them, if not, I think I've bundled all of them, but I don't know, maybe I made a mistake. But I'll capture it as I go, as we go. And if it's something that, if you're a better tester which I'll talk about in a minute, and you see something like that, just let me know so I can change it, and that'll be cool.

Also, you don't have to nail all the skills on the first try, you'll get plenty there's plenty of revision time built in, so don't think Oh, you're up to this skill and you couldn't do it, like you weren't able to do a wall climb, right? Because that might be like, oh, it's too hard to do a wall climb the very first time you try it don't think you can't move on, you keep keep moving on, right, to the next skill or whatever, because wall climbing is going to come around again, don't worry.

You'll get plenty of time to practice it, even if it takes you 20 times. If you go all the way to the end, if you go to level 10 and beyond, it's a never-ending training schedule and it just keeps, like, at that stage you have revision, it's all revision days, so, like, you keep revising things you learn so you don't, you don't lose your skills on anything, that's just, that's the way it's built.

 Yeah. Also, there's, a coaching part, like coaching being, like, there's, like, materials, for example, like, there are healthy habits, like, every, every level I introduce a new healthy habit, it might just be, like, eating. Eating, right, or a nutrition thing, or like some kind of body hacking thing, right, a healthy habit.

And there's also coaching things, as it goes into a deeper explanation of some things like how to, how to prevent or how to treat training injuries, right, using myofascial massage and things like that. I don't know if that's how you say it, myofascial massage, or, or yeah, how to, how to treat injuries, the fastest way to treat injuries and things like that, right?

So there's the coaching materials, so just read through all the materials Yeah, until, well that won't matter anymore actually, I was going to say read up all the coaching materials until the level that you're on, but everyone's starting from level one, so that works out pretty perfect as well, yeah, yeah also, alright, now let's talk about the app.

There will be an option I think when everything gets released, it'll be like you'll be able to buy the, purchase the book, right, it'll be I think it'll, I'll give it away for free, you'll just have to pay for shipping or something like that. And you can have the book for free and then you'll get like, if you want you can upgrade, like you, everyone gets, you can get the app for free as well, like at least for 30 days.

If you go and subscribe now, you'll get it for 6 months free because you'll be a better tester, but once it's released you'll get, like, everyone will get like 30 days free and there'll be, like, maybe a special offer, I think, where it's like, if you, if you purchase, like, 6 months today, or whenever you're, whenever you get to you'll get it for, like, a very discounted price.

I think I'll do that, and then another offer is you'll also have a chance to upgrade to accountability coaching, where I'll personalize your training timetable depending on what you score on the strength test and, I'll actually personalize the app for you so you don't have to, it'll all be automatic, and you'll get a coaching call, a motivational call, like a accountability call, like maybe every day or in like you can maybe have like a half hour session once a month or something.

Yeah, I'll think about that, like personalized training will, it'll be for those of you who really want to get into it and want to progress faster. Of course, you can just follow the timetable, that's cool, you'll, you'll definitely learn, but if you want to like, I can analyze your videos of like you trying to do wall climbs and see what you're doing right and wrong and all that sort of stuff.

 Yeah. Cool, so the app because of the new, the new way that the app is, the new, everyone starts from level one, I realized that this means that I can just roll out the app faster as well because as I was punching in like, configuring like entering all the levels or whatever, entering the exercise for the levels, it takes a long time, you know, because it's an app.

So I spent hours doing it and then I realized I only really need to do level one before I start rolling it out. So I've done, I'm halfway through level two, so I'll finish off level two for the exercises because Every because everyone starts from level one, you can do level one, start rolling it out, but And then while because it's gonna take every level has 70 70 days to do the next one, right, before the first person before anyone who signs up on day one gets to gets to enter level two.

So, that'll be good. So today I'll work on that. So that means I can roll it out maybe, hopefully, by the end of next week. It's a tough call. I don't want to make any promises because I've got a lot of stuff going on. But I'll try my best, right? I'll try my best to get it out at the very latest, it's going to be rolled out at the very latest mid this year.

I know between next week and mid this year is a long gap. But hopefully by March or by April at the very latest. Yeah. All right. So I'll finish level two and then I'll talk to the coach.

That's it. So don't forget to download the app., as I said before, you get six months free because you'll be an early bird beta tester.

So go, go sign up for the app now, and then when it does roll out, you'll get it for six months for free. Once the app is live, that will disappear. There'll be like one month free, like forever for everyone just they can try it out. But then after that, after that 30 days free will be a per month fee and It'll probably be like, 30 a month is what I'm thinking.

Don't hold me to that. And I know you can get, you can get training apps out there for 10 a month. Like, even Apple training is only 10 a month. Do you want to do that? If you just want to do exercise, like I said at the start, this isn't fitness, like, it's, it's called the Survival Fitness Plan, and it does have a lot of fitness in it, but it's not, like, if all you're interested in is fitness, this isn't for you.

This is for people who want to learn the skills. Yeah, so it's going to cost a little bit more. And, because then I can develop it more and I'm only one person so I need a, if you don't want me to go back to like a normal job Where I don't have time to do this sort of stuff and whatever Yeah, that's it guys.

Go, go sign up now. So then you've got, so you're a better test You get six months free and it'll be cool. Alright, like, subscribe, and share and I'll see you again next time. Bye.

Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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