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Survival Fitness Plan Blog

3 Reasons You Should Focus on Bodyweight Training

The Survival Fitness Plan focuses heavily on bodyweight training. Discover 3 reasons why you should too in this article!

How to Swim for Active Recovery

When you need a break from intense exercise but don’t want to stop completely, active recovery is the answer. Discover how to use swimming for active recovery in this article.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Parkour

Basic errors during your parkour training can lead to injury and delayed improvement. Check out this article to discover 3 common parkour mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Effective Self-Defense Tools You Can Carry Everywhere

Did you know you can carry some extremely effective self-defense tools almost everywhere you go? Here are 3 of them, and you may even have them on you right now!

How to Create Your Daily Exercise Routine

Creating a habit of exercise will dramatically increase your success in the Survival Fitness Plan. Learn how to build your perfect daily exercise routine no matter what your current lifestyle.

How to Use Mountain Biking for Weight Loss

Want to shed some pounds but think the gym is boring? Discover how you can use mountain biking to lose weight in this article.

The Best Time to Practice Parkour

Did you know that there are certain times to practice parkour that will make your training more effective? Check out this article to find out when that is!

How to Defend Against the Most Common Street Attacks

Street attacks can happen at any time and you never know what it will be. Check out this article to discover how to defend against the most common attacks.

How to Set (and Achieve) Your Fitness Goals

Having trouble knowing what you should be aiming for with your fitness? Check out this article to discover exactly how to set them and what you need to do to actually achieve them!

How to Improve Your Bouldering Skills

Falling off the wall too much when climbing? Here are some tips for improving your bouldering skills.

3 Important Things to Consider Before Your Survival Swimming Workout

Do you do survival swimming training? If not, you should. And here are some things to consider the next time you jump in the water!

Protective Parkour Gear

Are you worried about getting hurt while parkour training? Check out this article to discover things you can use to help prevent minor injuries.

Self-Defense VS. Retaliation

Do you know the difference between self-defense and retaliation? If not, read this article to find out my thoughts on it!

3 Amazing Benefits of Myofascial Release Massage

Do you ever give yourself a myofascial release massage? If not, you should! Discover the benefits of myofascial massage in this article.

How to Stay Safe When Climbing Alone

Love climbing but have no-one to go with? Check out this article for my top tips for staying safe when climbing alone.

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