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Survival Fitness Plan Blog

3 Important Things to Consider Before Your Survival Swimming Workout

Do you do survival swimming training? If not, you should. And here are some things to consider the next time you jump in the water!

Protective Parkour Gear

Are you worried about getting hurt while parkour training? Check out this article to discover things you can use to help prevent minor injuries.

Self-Defense VS. Retaliation

Do you know the difference between self-defense and retaliation? If not, read this article to find out my thoughts on it!

3 Amazing Benefits of Myofascial Release Massage

Do you ever give yourself a myofascial release massage? If not, you should! Discover the benefits of myofascial massage in this article.

How to Stay Safe When Climbing Alone

Love climbing but have no-one to go with? Check out this article for my top tips for staying safe when climbing alone.

The 3 Most Common Beginner Mountain Biking Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Are you just starting out mountain biking? Here are some of the biggest mistakes I made and how you can avoid them.

3 Reasons to Start Sea Swimming Today!

Do you go swimming in the ocean? If not, here are 3 reasons to start!

How to Climb a Wall Using Parkour

If you are running away from an enemy there is a good chance you will encounter some kind of wall. Discover how to overcome this obstacle using parkour!

3 Reasons to Start Learning Self-Defense Today!

Do you train in self-defense? If not, here’s 3 reasons you should get started right now!

3 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Riding Speed

Want to be faster on your bike? Here are my top 3 tips for improving your riding speed.

How to Recover From Parkour Fatigue and Injury as Fast as Possible!

Discover how to recover as fast as possible from fatigue and injury when training in parkour!

The Most Effective Martial Art for Self-Defense

Want to learn a martial art for self-defense but not sure which is best? Read this article to discover my opinion on THE #1 BEST martial art to learn for self-defense and why.

3 Reasons You Should Swim Regularly for Exercise

Do you swim as a way to keep fit? You should! Read this article to find out why.

The Best Parkour Gear to Train in

Your parkour training will be more effective and enjoyable if you have the right gear. Discover the parkour training gear I recommend in this article.

How to Defend Yourself Without Hurting Your Opponent

Maybe it's a school bully, a drunk friend or just some young punk acting tough. Whatever the case, discover how to defend yourself without having to hurt your opponent.

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