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The 12 Best Free Fitness Plan Apps

Unlock Your Fitness Potential: Discover The 12 Best Free Fitness Plan Apps!" From personalized workout routines to meal planning tools, this article presents an amazing selection of top-tier fitness apps available without cost.

Physical fitness and well-being have always been worthwhile hobbies, but the arrival of digitalization has resulted in an enormous change in the fitness environment. Technology has transformed fitness in exciting and innovative ways, from our homes to outdoor activities; no longer bound by traditional gym walls, but instead providing us with exciting new ways to approach fitness through an impressive variety of workout apps that offer exercises, training modules, diet plans, and much more - providing exciting new approaches to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we'll look into the world of free fitness plan applications and see how they're changing our fitness journeys. We will highlight the top 12 free fitness apps, bringing light on their features, benefits, cons, and how they might help you reach your health objectives. These applications provide something for everyone, whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out on your fitness path, and will help you succeed in your quest for an improved way of life.

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The Value of Free Fitness Apps

Factors to Consider in a Good Fitness Plan App

The 12 Best Free Fitness Plan Apps

  • FitOn
  • Strava
  • ​Fitbod
  • ​Sworkit
  • ​Jefit
  • ​Aaptiv
  • ​Daily Yoga
  • ​Survival Fitness Plan
  • ​MyFitnessPal
  • ​Nike Training Club
  • ​C25K
  • ​Seven: 7 Minute Workout

Choosing the Right Fitness App for You

The Future of Fitness Apps


The Value of Free Fitness Apps

Free fitness applications have rapidly become a vital tool in the present age of digital health, providing valuable materials at no cost and tearing down major barriers that prevent individuals from adopting an active lifestyle.

These applications have transformed our understanding of and attitude to exercise. Individuals are no longer restricted to gym hours or personal trainer appointments, but can simply incorporate physical exercise into their daily life at home, outdoors, or on the road, dramatically boosting their odds of continuous physical activity for long-term health and well-being.

Our training routines, as well as our whole attitude to health and well-being, have been transformed by free fitness applications. They play an important role in building healthier lifestyles and enhancing individual well-being by making fitness more accessible, flexible, and sociable.

Factors to Consider in a Good Fitness Plan App

Choosing an appropriate fitness plan app might make all the difference in your goal to live a healthy lifestyle. With numerous options available, it's important to understand what makes an app unique and how it may support your specific fitness path.

  • Ease of Use: Your app's UI should be intuitive and user-friendly, with easy navigation, clear instructions, and an overall smooth user experience.
  • Customizability: To accommodate different fitness levels, objectives, and preferences, good fitness applications should provide customized training regimens. This ensures that the app can keep up with your fitness as it changes over time.
  • Workout Variety: For best efficiency, an app should include an extensive variety of workouts designed to target particular muscle regions while providing various kinds of physical activity ranging from strength workouts and cardio to flexibility exercises.
  • Fitness Tracker: It is essential to be able to monitor your progress; your app should allow you to record various fitness data such as workout length, calories burnt, and steps taken.
  • Motivating Features: Elements such as progress badges and challenges, as well as leaderboards can act as effective motivators, making your fitness journey even more interesting and entertaining.
  • Integration with Other applications: Your app should ideally connect with other applications on your smartphone, such as music players for an energetic exercise playlist and health apps for a full view of wellness data.
  • Quality of Instruction: Look for applications that have clear, high-quality instructional videos or animations with experienced trainers to help you complete exercises safely and successfully. This guarantees that you do workouts correctly.
  • Offline Access: Having access to exercise routines without an online connection may be quite useful when internet availability is limited. When this sort of capability is required, an app that provides it might be of great use.
  • Community elements: Social interaction elements such as forums or group challenges can help you feel supported and motivated during your fitness journey.

An effective fitness plan app is more than just a digital coach; it's a traveling companion on your path to reaching your health and fitness objectives. Keep these considerations in mind as you explore different fitness applications; your ideal digital fitness companion might be just a few taps away!

The 12 Best Free Fitness Plan Apps


FitOn is a free fitness app with an expansive library of workout routines created by professional trainers that stands out with its comprehensive exercise library, interactive features, and flexible usage for its users


  • ​Variety of Workouts: FitOn provides an expansive variety of workout categories suited for all fitness levels. This keeps workout routines fresh for users while eliminating boredom during sessions.
  • Professional Trainers: FitOn collaborates with certified fitness professionals who deliver top-level instruction to users to ensure safe and efficient exercise performance.
  • ​Customizable Plans: Users have the power to tailor their workout plans based on fitness goals, available time, and equipment.
  • ​Interactive Features: This app features engaging social features like workout parties and challenges to enable users to work out together virtuality - creating a sense of community while encouraging accountability among fellow exercisers.
  • ​Comprehensive Tracking: FitOn keeps tabs on your progress by tracking calories burned, workout duration, and other key metrics to demonstrate progress and motivate users as they see results from their efforts.


  • Limited Offline Access: Some users have noted that accessing most workouts through FitOn requires internet connectivity - potentially making the app unsuitable in areas with poor or no internet service access.
  • ​Upsells: While this app is free to use, users may encounter prompts to upgrade to its premium version at times - something which may impact the user experience for some.

FitOn is an exceptional and engaging fitness plan app. Combining professional trainers' expertise with personalized workout plans to make fitness accessible for everyone regardless of fitness levels or goals, FitOn makes fitness accessible. However, users should expect upselling prompts occasionally while a reliable internet connection may be required to fully enjoy this application's features..


Strava is an intuitive fitness app that has quickly earned the trust and affection of outdoor fitness enthusiasts, particularly runners, and cyclists. The platform stands out for its GPS tracking abilities, community features, and comprehensive performance analytics capabilities.


  • Real-time GPS Tracking: Strava offers highly accurate GPS tracking that provides users with real-time data regarding pace, distance, and elevation so that they can monitor their progress effectively.
  • ​Community Features: The app boasts strong community features such as challenges, leaderboards, and the option of tracking other users' activities - creating an atmosphere of competition and camaraderie which fosters a motivational boost.
  • ​Detailed Analytics: Strava provides extensive analytics of its user workout sessions, from heart rate zones and speed analysis to heart rate variability and more - helping those seeking to optimize their performance by personalizing workout sessions to their specific needs. This data can prove invaluable.
  • ​Route Discovery: Strava provides runners and cyclists alike with access to new trails they might enjoy running or cycling on, plus users can create and share their own routes.


  • ​Limited Free Features: Many advanced features like workout analysis, training plans, and route creation require paying subscribers in order to access them. As such, Strava may limit its utility among free users.

Overall, Strava provides an exceptional tool for outdoor fitness enthusiasts who wish to keep track of their activities, discover new routes, and connect with similar-minded communities. In order to fully access all its features a premium subscription must be acquired; similarly users should stay aware of privacy settings to control how their location data will be shared by sharing it themselves.


Fitbod is an award-winning fitness app with an exceptional rating that specializes in creating customized workout plans to match the fitness goals, equipment available, and strength-training capabilities of each user.


  • ​Customized Workout Plans: Fitbod provides customized workout plans tailored specifically to the user's fitness goals, workout history, and available gym equipment - this customization can be especially beneficial to users interested in strength-focused workouts.
  • ​Variety of Exercise Options: The app features an impressive variety of exercises targeted toward different muscle groups, providing users with options to switch up their routines and avoid workout boredom.
  • ​Exercise demonstrations: Each exercise comes equipped with an informative video and step-by-step instructions, to assist users with performing them properly and reduce injuries.
  • ​Workout Logging: The app enables users to track sets, reps, and weights during workouts in an effort to tailor future workout plans in order to ensure progression and ensure continued health benefits for users.


  • ​Limited Free Version: Fitbod's free version offers only limited workouts; to access its personalized offerings, an upgraded subscription must be obtained.
  • ​Focused Around Strength Training: Fitbod is best suited for individuals interested in strength training and bodyweight exercise. However, this app may not suit your fitness goals if cardio, yoga, or other forms of fitness routines are what interest you more.

Fitbod is an outstanding app for people looking to begin or enhance their strength training regimen, thanks to its emphasis on personalization, variety of exercises, and clear instructions that make strength training accessible and efficient. However, users requiring full access or different kinds of fitness training may want to explore alternative solutions instead.


Sworkit, an award-winning fitness app, has long been recognized for its customizable approach to exercise that allows individuals to create personalized workout plans according to their goals and time restrictions.


  • Workout Customization: Sworkit offers an expansive library of exercises and allows users to customize workout routines based on their fitness levels, preferred styles of training, and available time.
  • ​Workouts for All Ages: This app caters to people of all ages - including kids - providing safe and appropriate exercises designed specifically to target specific muscle groups in children - making it the ideal family-friendly fitness solution.
  • ​Guided Workouts: Sworkit offers video-guided workouts led by professional trainers that enable users to follow along safely and correctly with each routine.
  • ​Progress Tracking: The app enables users to monitor their own progression over time, providing motivation and helping to adjust workout plans as necessary.


  • ​Limited Free Content: Although Sworkit does offer a free version, its free content is restricted as most workout plans and customization features require premium subscription plans to access.
  • No Community Feature: As opposed to some fitness apps, Sworkit does not contain a social component where users can come together, share progress updates, and support each other's fitness.

Sworkit is a user-friendly app tailored toward individuals with various fitness goals and levels. With customizable workouts, an inclusive approach, progress tracking capabilities, and customizable progress monitoring it makes Sworkit an invaluable asset in maintaining or improving fitness levels. However, its full potential must be unlocked through a premium subscription and its lack of community aspect may limit some users.


Jefit, an app dedicated to workout tracking and planning, stands out for its extensive library and customizable routines that cater to fitness enthusiasts at all levels of ability.


  • ​Extensive Exercise Library: Jefit boasts an expansive exercise library complete with in-depth instructions and animations that ensure users find exercises tailored specifically for them and their goals. This selection ensures users can find exercises that suit them exactly!
  • ​Customizable Workout Routines: Jefit allows users to craft tailored fitness regimens based on their unique fitness levels and goals, providing a truly personalized fitness experience.
  • ​Workout Logging and Tracking: Jefit offers an in-depth workout logging system and tracks users' fitness journey over time, offering valuable insight.
  • ​Community Assistance: The app features an active online fitness community where users can share their progress, seek advice from fellow fitness enthusiasts, and offer encouragement and assistance when necessary.


  • ​Learning Curve: While Jefit offers many features that new users might appreciate, its interface can sometimes prove overwhelming for beginners and may take some practice before becoming intuitive enough to use successfully.
  • ​Limited Nutrition Guidance: Jefit excels at workout planning and tracking, however, its limited nutrition guidance might prove disappointing for users seeking comprehensive fitness guidance.

Jefit is a comprehensive fitness planning and tracking app suitable for users at all fitness levels, offering access to an expansive library of exercises as well as customizable routines. While its user interface may take some getting used to and nutrition guidance is limited compared to some competing tools available today, Jefit remains an effective way for any looking to track and enhance their workout progress.


Aaptiv is an audio guided workout app renowned for its extensive library of guided workouts and its distinctive approach to keeping users motivated throughout their fitness journeys.


  • ​Extensive Library of Audio Workouts: Aaptiv provides a vast collection of audio-guided workouts. This offers considerable versatility when planning out their exercise regimes.
  • ​Professional Trainers: At all of our workout facilities, professional trainers create and direct all exercise regimens, offering users expert guidance and motivation throughout their sessions.
  • ​Music-Driven Workouts: For an engaging and enjoyable workout experience, workouts set to music are increasingly becoming the trend. Choosing music suited to the intensity and tempo of each exercise, this approach makes working out much more engaging and pleasurable.
  • ​Customizable Plans: With Aaptiv's customizable fitness plans, users are able to tailor workout regimens specifically tailored towards meeting personal fitness goals such as losing weight, strengthening their muscles, or training for specific events.


  • ​No Visual Guidance: As Aaptiv is audio-based, it may not provide sufficient guidance for beginners who rely on visual cues to ensure proper form and prevent injuries.
  • ​Subscription-Based: While Aaptiv offers a free trial period, its subscription model could turn off those seeking entirely free fitness plan apps.

Aaptiv is an excellent fitness app for audio-guided, music-driven workouts. With its extensive workout library and customizable plans, Aaptiv enables users to tailor their fitness journey toward meeting individual goals. Though novice users may struggle with its lack of visual guidance and the subscription-based model may not work best for some individuals, Aaptiv's unique approach makes it one of the strongest competitors in the fitness app market.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga, as the name implies, is an app dedicated to yoga practice and meditation sessions. Designed with both novice and expert yogis in mind, Daily Yoga provides an inclusive approach to these disciplines.


  • ​Extensive Variety of Classes: Over a thousand choices of different kinds of exercises to choose from.
  • ​Fit for All Levels: The app was developed with all levels in mind; beginners, as well as more experienced yoga instructors, can find something of benefit here, with various difficulty levels and duration options to suit both.
  • ​Guided Classes: Each guided yoga class is led by experienced yoga teachers to ensure users understand proper postures and techniques.
  • ​Community Assistance: This app connects yoga enthusiasts worldwide in order to share experiences and create a supportive atmosphere for yoga practice.


  • ​Premium Features: While Daily Yoga does provide free content, some more advanced or specialty courses require a paid subscription plan in order to participate.
  • ​Internet Connection Required: In order for this app to stream classes successfully, an internet connection will be necessary; this may not always be suitable or practical for users.

Daily Yoga provides individuals who wish to practice yoga and meditation sessions at their own pace an accessible platform to do so. Although some content is exclusive for Pro subscribers, its range and quality remain substantial for free users as is its sense of community, support, and motivational elements. While needing internet connectivity might pose a hurdle at times, overall this platform stands out due to its inclusive yet accessible approach to yoga practice.

Survival Fitness Plan

The Survival Fitness Plan App takes an innovative approach to fitness by combining parkour training, self-defense techniques, and longevity practices into an intuitive training regimen.


  • ​Extensive Training Regimen: The Survival Fitness Plan App stands out with its thorough training regimen that simultaneously develops both evasion and combat skills.
  • ​User-Friendly Guidance: This app offers user-friendly guidance with video, audio, and written instructions to facilitate the safe and effective completion of each exercise to minimize injury risk.
  • ​Customized Fitness Approach: With its customizable approach and additional challenges provided during workout sessions, Survival Fitness Plan App enables users to tailor their exercise regimen specifically toward meeting fitness goals while offering additional motivation during each exercise session. Furthermore, those searching for extra challenges will appreciate having personal guidance available while exercising.
  • ​Community Assistance: App users can connect with professional trainers and fellow app users through in-app messaging or social media groups to foster an environment that is both welcoming and motivating.
  • ​Holistic Fitness Solution: Each training day incorporates warm-up exercises, skill sessions, fitness training exercises, mobility exercises, and meditation for a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.
  • ​Integration With Fitness Devices and Apps: This app works seamlessly with other fitness apps and devices, like Apple Health and Watch, to maximize tracking experience and user convenience.
  • ​Sleek User Interface: With its straightforward layout and simple navigation features, this app ensures user-friendliness when used.


  • ​Limited Customization Options: Unfortunately, customization options might be somewhat limited as this coaching program has been specifically created to support a Survival Fitness Plan's goals and objectives.
  • ​Additional Fees: Certain features such as personalized training programs may incur extra expenses as upgrades and may incur further fees.

Survival Fitness Plan App stands out in the fitness app landscape by offering structured programs specifically crafted to develop certain capabilities. Through exercises aimed at building strength, endurance, and specific skill sets - this app equips users to face life's obstacles head-on with confidence.

Survival Fitness Plan App stands as an invaluable asset to anyone attempting to advance their fitness journey. Offering both physical fitness and lifesaving techniques, Survival Fitness Plan App proves itself as an exceptional workout plan app.


MyFitnessPal is a well-recognized health and fitness app renowned for its comprehensive approach to tracking nutrition and exercise. With features tailored specifically for weight loss, maintenance, or overall wellness improvement goals.


  • ​Extensive Food Database: MyFitnessPal boasts over 11 million foods in its database for tracking nutritional intake accurately, covering restaurant dishes as well as basic ingredients like coffee.
  • ​Exercise tracking: The app offers users a way to log both cardio and strength training sessions for an in-depth view of calories consumed and burned.
  • ​Integration Capabilities: MyFitnessPal is designed with strong integration capabilities that make it simple and straightforward for users to gather all of their health data in one central place.
  • ​Customizable Goals: Users can set custom health and fitness goals within this app, with it providing personalized daily calorie and nutrition intake recommendations to assist them in reaching them.


  • ​Ads in Free Version: MyFitnessPal's free version includes advertisements that some may find intrusive or annoying, leading to distraction.
  • ​Premium Version: In order to access in-depth nutritional analyses and other advanced features, users will require upgrading to the premium version.

MyFitnessPal stands out for its comprehensive food database and flexible goal-setting functionality, offering individuals a highly tailored approach to nutrition and exercise tracking. Though advertisements could potentially hinder free use, and advanced analytics requires a premium subscription, MyFitnessPal's wide capabilities make the basic version an exceptional tool for taking charge of health and fitness goals.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is an outstanding fitness app designed for people of all levels of fitness who desire a personalized fitness journey. Brought to us by one of the world's leading sports brands, it features numerous workout plans.


  • ​Variety of Workouts: The app features an impressive variety of workouts designed by professional trainers.
  • ​Step-By-Step Instructions: Each workout comes complete with audio and visual guidance to make the program easy to follow along, even for novice users.
  • ​Customized Plans: Based on your fitness level and goals, this app can create personalized plans tailored specifically to you that adapt as your fitness progresses.
  • ​Community Features: The app makes it possible to stay in contact with friends, join challenges, and share progress, providing additional motivation.


  • ​Limited Advanced Features: Certain advanced features, like in-depth workout analysis and customized coaching services, are only available with a premium subscription plan.
  • ​Requiring Internet: While the app allows for downloading workouts, some users have reported issues accessing them without an active Internet connection.

Nike Training Club is an all-encompassing fitness app suitable for people of all fitness levels. Offering popular exercise programs with clear instructions and a supportive community, its core features provide a solid basis for creating an efficient fitness regimen.


C25K (Couch to 5K), is an outstanding fitness plan app developed specifically to assist novice runners transition from inactivity to being able to run the 5K distance in as few as nine weeks.


  • ​Time Efficient: This app offers quick 7-minute workouts designed to fit conveniently into busy lifestyles and help users remain consistent - something essential in seeing results with any fitness regime.
  • ​Variety of Workouts: It offers various workouts targeting individual muscle groups for balanced training that reduces workout fatigue.
  • ​No Equipment Needed: Exercise videos provided by this app require no equipment for the completion of workouts anywhere - be it at home, in a hotel room, or during lunch breaks at work. This means workout sessions can easily take place from any location!
  • ​Customization: Your workout programs can be tailored specifically to your fitness level and goals.


  • ​Limited for Advanced Users: While this app might work great for novice users or those pressed for time, it might not provide enough challenge or intensity for experienced gym-goers seeking more intensive workouts.
  • ​Premium Subscription: Although the app itself is free, an upgraded subscription is necessary in order to access all workouts and features available within it.

C25K is an effective fitness plan app for anyone new or returning to running. Specifically tailored towards gradual progress and structured with user needs in mind, its structure makes the C25K suitable for beginners or anyone else trying to get back in. While its design may be simple and it doesn't offer guidance for other forms of exercise other than 5K running itself is unquestionable and has helped numerous users transition confidently from couch potato status into race participants!

Seven: 7 Minute Workout

Seven: 7 Minute Workout is an innovative fitness plan app offering users quick and efficient workouts they can finish in as little as seven minutes, making it the ideal solution for people with hectic lives looking to incorporate regular physical activity into their lives.

Check it here.


  • Time Efficient: This app offers quick 7-minute workouts designed to fit conveniently into busy lifestyles and help users remain consistent - something essential in seeing results with any fitness regime.
  • Variety of Workouts: It offers various workouts targeting individual muscle groups for balanced training that reduces workout fatigue.
  • No Equipment Needed: Exercise videos provided by this app require no equipment for the completion of workouts anywhere - be it at home, in a hotel room, or during lunch breaks at work. This means workout sessions can easily take place from any location!
  • Customization: Your workout programs can be tailored specifically to your fitness level and goals.


  • Limited for Advanced Users: While this app might work great for novice users or those pressed for time, it might not provide enough challenge or intensity for experienced gym-goers seeking more intensive workouts.
  • Premium Subscription: Although the app itself is free, an upgraded subscription is necessary in order to access all workouts and features available within it.​

Seven: 7 Minute Workout app is an outstanding way for those just getting into fitness or those needing an easy and quick way to work out on busy days to start or maintain their exercise regimens. While its limitations for advanced users and premium subscriptions are significant, its core offering remains robust: effective yet quick workouts requiring no equipment and tailored specifically to individual requirements that provide flexible fitness routines tailored specifically for each person's individual fitness goals - an invaluable way of maintaining regular exercise even on hectic days!.

Choosing the Right Fitness App for You

Finding an app tailored specifically to you can be key to maximizing fitness success. Not all fitness apps fit all people - this guide should help you narrow down the options until you select an app best suited to you:

  • Determine Your Fitness Goals: Step one is defining what fitness goals you hope to meet: weight loss, muscle building, improved flexibility, or training for a specific sport? Having clear goals will help determine which apps would be beneficial.
  • Consider Your Fitness Level: Select an app suited to your fitness level. Beginners might benefit from apps offering detailed instructions with gradual increases in intensity while more experienced fitness enthusiasts might prefer apps offering varied intensive workouts.
  • Determine Customizability: Customizability is crucial when adapting workouts to meet individual needs and avoid boredom making them ideal options for designing custom exercises to match goals, equipment available, and time restrictions.
  • Evaluate Features: When looking for the ideal fitness apps, features are often of primary concern.
  • Give It A Try First: Many fitness apps provide free trials or basic versions; take advantage of them before investing in a premium version of an application.

Be mindful that an expensive fitness app doesn't guarantee superiority; indeed, what might work well for one individual may not work so well for someone else. Selecting an ideal fitness app depends entirely upon your own unique requirements, goals, and preferences.


The fitness industry has experienced incredible growth over time. Fitness plays an essential part in self-improvement and overall well-being; It enhances physical health, boosts self-esteem, and improves the quality of life - which a comprehensive workout regime such as high-intensity bodyweight workouts can achieve through an array of exercises including high-intensity bodyweight workouts. Plus mental well-being also benefits greatly!

As part of our quest to explore digital fitness tools, we have assembled a selection of 10 outstanding fitness apps designed to enhance your workout regime. Out of this grouping stands one app in particular that stands out: Survival Fitness Plan App. This unique platform goes far beyond typical exercise regimens by featuring unique elements such as parkour training, self-defense skills training, and vital insights on longevity alongside dynamic bodyweight workout plans.

Survival Fitness Plan App stands apart as more than just another digital fitness tool - it serves as your comprehensive fitness companion and personal trainer, offering unwavering motivation throughout every stage of your fitness journey. Boasting user-friendly features, supportive online communities, and cutting-edge progress-tracking tools - its dedication is unrivaled when it comes to helping users meet their health and wellness objectives.

Begin your transformation journey today - join Survival Fitness Plan App's comprehensive fitness community and begin making lasting, lifelong changes for yourself today - don't put off starting; your future self deserves nothing less!

Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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