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The #1 Best Survival Tool

If you could only bring one survival tool into the woods, what would it be?

For me it is a good quality knife. Just because it is so damn useful!

What’s it useful for?

Lots of stuff!

Read on to find out why I think a high quality knife is the single most useful survival tool there is.

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Having a knife while venturing into the wilderness can assist you in constructing a shelter.

If you have a good knife, you can use it to cut branches or even cut down some small trees to make a lean-to or another type of survival shelter.


A knife can help you build the components you need to make a friction fire. 

Or if you happen to come across some flint, you can use the back of your knife to strike a spark.

Make sure you use the back of your knife as you do not want to damage the blade. 


A knife can also be used to defend yourself against wild creatures or other humans. You can use it to make weapons or as it is.

It is also useful when hunting and preparing food.

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A knife is an extremely useful survival tool and you should always carry one when venturing out into the wild. 

Make sure you get a high-quality one, preferably with a fixed blade. The last thing you want is for it to break when you are in a survival situation.

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